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Your Sofa, Your home, Your Comfort, Your Abode!

Your home is your little heaven! Every piece of furniture or decor that holds a place in your living room, tells us a story about you and your life. The walls, furniture, doors, chairs, shelves and any other piece of furniture that you see around you, adds life to your home in its own unique way. And this is one of the main reasons why people prefer to choose their sofas and furniture pieces personally, rather than let some outsider choose it for them.

Sofa is one of the major furniture pieces that occupy a very important place in your living room. They make your living room look more comforting, stylish and appealing! You can either add that missing zing to your living room with the right sofa or can make it look hideous by choosing the wrong sofa set. Hence, it is very important that you make your choice wisely and carefully.

Here are a few known home decor tips from experts, compiled together to help you choose from the best sofa range of designer styles for your home. Follow the tips and see your living room become your heaven in every sense.

Choosing the Right Size

Check the different aspects such as the space available, the other furniture pieces occupying the room such as a coffee table or a couch, bookshelves, and more. Choose a size that will allow you enough leg space to walk around the sofa. Also make sure, your living room doesn’t look clustered with the many furniture pieces.

Plan the Orientation of the Sofa

When searching for the perfect sofas for your living room, remember to imagine it in your mind and the direction in which it will be placed. Choose the ideal orientation to ensure that you face your TV or face the direction towards your couch where you love to sit and chit-chat with your friends. Placing your sofa parallel to your fireplace in a narrow room will make your living room look even more narrower.

Choose the ideal Shape of the Sofa

With the different shapes of sofa available in the market, it becomes easier for you to choose the right shape based on the shape and design of your living room. The most commonly chosen shapes are the Rectangular Sofa and the L-Shaped Sofa.

Consider your Style

The type of sofa you choose for your living room should match with the interiors and the other furniture already present in it. You can either make them look similar styled or mix match different styles to give a more vibrant look to your room. For instance, choosing a Victorian Sofa for your Modern living room.

Let the Color and Pattern do its magic

Make sure that the sofa you choose, becomes the center of attention in your living room. However, that doesn’t mean you choose bold colors to make your sofa stand out from the rest of the furniture pieces. Choose patterns and colors that blend with the other furniture pieces. Add a little magic by using colorful throw pillows on them.

Check the Frame of the Sofa

And the most important of all these points, remember to choose Sofas that has a durable frame. Your living room sofa should be strong, sturdy and long lasting.

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