Your Guide to Booking Wedding Transport [Infographic]

Booking transport for your wedding takes a lot of planning and consideration. It’s not just a case of googling for luxury cars and selecting the first one you find; you’ll need to think about the number of vehicles to be hired, the number of people for whom transport is needed, who is travelling together, what routes will be taken and what you can afford with your budget. Essentially, the more effort and consideration you invest in organising the transport to run smoothly, the more memorable your arrival at the wedding will be, and that’s something which will stick in the memories of any guests you’ve invited.

While the choice of transport arrangements can vary from one couple of next, there are some unwritten rules which are usually followed. The groom and his best man often go in the first car, although he might choose to go with all his groomsmen so that they are all at the ceremony venue to welcome and help guests. The next car usually takes the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother, collecting them at her home, with another vehicle transporting the bride and her father. These can be changed depending on numbers and circumstance, but it’s generally a solid policy to follow and simplifies things unless there is a good reason to make alternative arrangements.

One commodity which can seem in very short supply is that of time, particularly on the day of the wedding. It’s in your best interests to plan for the worst-case scenario, so if a journey from the bride’s home to the ceremony venue typically takes 30 minutes, allow for 50 minutes to get there in case there are unexpected, uncontrollable delays from traffic, roadworks or any other stumbling block. Even if there aren’t any delays, the bride will be thankful for the extra 20 minutes of preparation that she hadn’t been anticipating.

Long before the big day arrives, the calls to car hire companies should be made. It’s advised to have your transport booked at least six months in advance of the wedding day and, if the wedding takes place during ‘prom season’ in May or June, the latest ideal booking time becomes nine months beforehand. Otherwise, you might have to settle for a car that you don’t want and that might even be too small to properly accommodate the bride’s dress.

Regular communication with your transport provider is strongly encouraged. Don’t just book the car and tell them where to go; confirm every small detail in written form so that all parties are left in no doubt as to the arrangements. If you want a specific brand of champagne or custom playlist for the journey, put this in writing. The more of a rapport you strike with the chauffeur beforehand, the more he/she will do for you on the day.

This infographic from L.A. Stretch Limos ( provides a reliable overview of the most important things to consider when booking wedding transport, allowing you to travel to the biggest moment of your life in a suitably luxurious fashion!



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