Yoga Is Healing For PTSD

Yoga and meditation have always been known to be beneficial for health in every sense and manner. In other words, yoga and meditation are known to go hand in hand. Both of these are enjoying history since long and they are interconnected in every manner. In technical terms, yoga integrates the positive meditation effects on both the physical and spiritual health i.e. body and mind. Have you heard people talking about “yoga is the injury’s practice”? In fact other times we see results of yoga practice related to health opening doors to new horizons, express our vulnerability as well as breaking down of the walls of injuries and their effects on human minds. One may have question in mind that “how one may perform yoga when one is not connected to oneself?” Then what is next in line that one may think of doing when self-awareness activates the past emotional trauma memories.

The trauma’s effects: Trauma is defined as a shock that is emotional shock accompanying deep distress incidents like accidents, crimes, assaults along with other natural disasters. What follows right after the traumatic event is denial and shock. Long terms effects include the unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and other stress related physical symptoms. Some professionals define trauma as issues with our tissues in the body. An unresolved emotional trauma is seen to manifest in the nervous ticks and the bodies, clenched shoulders, migraines, heavy heart or jaw etc.

Most of the times trauma is something like emotional shock that follows right after a disturbing event like crime, war etc. The long term symptoms and the effects that are created by any event reflect the post-traumatic stress disorder abbreviated as PTSD. It is an emotional and mental stress that is persistent. It usually occurs followed by a traumatic episode. People diagnosed with this disorder can relieve them from that incident via flashbacks, nightmares etc. A large number of people suffer from this situation nowadays. For all such people, good news is that yoga is capable of relieving this disorder.

Yoga sensitive to trauma: It is recommended by the professionals that when it is about recovering from emotional trauma then the people should engage them in healthy behavior to enhance the capability of coping with the stress. Nutrition, proper rest, avoiding alcohol and drugs are some of the relaxation techniques that should be adopted. However if effects of trauma are considered, then it can be well understood why relaxation does not come easily to the ones suffering from PSTD. Trauma sensitive yoga is facilitating in this regards.

Association via mediation: Through trauma sensitive yoga, students can reconnect to them, in the safe environment and in the present scenario. There are certain techniques related to meditation that inspire the yoga pupils in order to acknowledge the feelings as well as thoughts. These usually arise without any pressure to react to these. In short yoga creates association to get out of the post-traumatic stress disorder. You will find wonderful results in this regards.

We all are aware of the health benefits related to the yoga and meditation but it can relieve PSTD is something that is new to the people. They are known to relieve blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain management etc. Also people who are sleep deprived can also find sound sleep with yoga and meditation. Most of the times, insomnia is because of inability of the mind to slow down. With yoga and meditation; focus is retained and this is what is required to get out of the emotional trauma. Try it once at least.

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