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Xmas Decoration 101: Hey Santa Over Here!

December is the month when we all get a little giddy and full of excitement. It’s a time of first snowfall, gift shopping, wearing that funny sweater with reindeers and of course, the month when Santa will climb down the chimney and leave presents under the tree. Over the years, people made it a tradition to compete with their neighbours in decorations and festive atmosphere on the house and around it.

On the other hand, it became a common practice among the cities to compete in decorations as well. Paris and New York have been declared the best-decorated cities in the world for quite some time, but others like Madrid and Melbourne don’t fall far behind.

But if you want Santa to notice your home and stop by for some milk and cookies, here’s Xmas decoration 101.

Choose the right tree

Most of us were fascinated by the big and tall trees we saw in the movies, but the reality is somewhat different when you try to fit something like that in a studio apartment, for example. Another important detail is what kind of tree would be perfect for you. Artificial Christmas trees are the best solutions for those who are eco-friendly and like to be set for several years. If you like the smell of pine and want to get that true Christmas look from the movies then you’ll probably decide for the real tree. In that case, we recommend that you buy the tree with roots which you can plant later in your backyard or some park.

Set the holiday scene in your home


Christmas is a perfect holiday to create merry decorations all around your home – inside and out. Christmas tree is the centre of attention and the main attraction, but you can create the mixture of greenery for the dining area, door, hallway and even bedrooms to spread the festiveness all over your home. Some like to decorate the yard with the nativity scene, while others recreate the Santa’s sledge with reindeers, and those who enjoy the white winters tend to get really creative and make snowmen and other sculptures from snow.

Don’t go overboard with colours

Going overboard with colours is something that can easily happen during Christmas since it’s a holiday celebrating joy and love. Although the main colours are green and red, you can step out of that comfort zone and use some other palette. The most important thing is not to mix too many colours and turn your home into a distasteful mess of colour. Remember, it’s important that your Christmas’ colours are not only complementary among themselves, but also with the rest of your house.

Choose silver or gold theme if you’re unsure how to blend the decorations with the palette in your home. Silver and gold are great choices since you can add some red to this basic theme to warm the tones up. You can also try something outside the conventions and use purple or lilac, which are popular choices for several years now. In the end, don’t forget to add glitter for that final jolly touch.

Lights in and out


There’s no Christmas without lights, and every year people create wonderful displays outside on their houses and yards. It has become a tradition for some to create the most beautifully lighted house in the neighbourhood and even the whole town. You can use LED lighting from Azoogi along the path and small Christmas lights from Home Depot for the shrubbery, for example. You can also choose from the variety of gorgeous and lavish options, from white to colourful lights depending on the overall effect you want to create. Even your home interior can resemble a fairyland with some great lighting solutions. Instead of placing the lights only on the tree, try decorating the walls or using the mason jar lighting ideas as well. This way you will give you will decorate your whole home with a minimal effort and maximum stylishness.


There is no Christmas without the smell of cookies and some of the traditional beverages like candy cane cocoa or eggnog. Add to that the festive decorations and merry atmosphere all around you and you’re in the perfect setting to welcome the Santa in your home.

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