Why would you hire a Wedding Marquee?

A wedding is a day they will remember forever because that is when they became one. Apart from the planning, another thing they will always remember is the planning that went into it. You can browse for the perfect wedding dress for months, and have thousand rehearsal and changes, but things are slightly different when you pickup a wedding venue and start planning the event. Many couples like to take ownership of everything in the wedding, from the design of the venue to planning the ceremonies. While doing this, many have found that wedding marquee hire is prefect because of all the flexibility it brings to the design.

Advantages of Wedding Marquee Hire

  • Marquees give you the flexibility you need to get creative while designing your wedding venue. You start with a blank canvas that gives you the start to plan your wedding theme and all the decorations in it.
  • You get to design your own scheme and lighting. Install your desired colored or patterned drapes, given you the platform to turn the venue into the place you have always dreamt off.
  • Wedding marquees come in various sizes. As long as you can fit the marquee in your garden, you can hire whatever size you need.

Basically, when you hire your marquee it can be with your ideal guest list in mind, rather than having to limit your guest list due to venue restrictions.

Wedding Marquee Hire

Wedding Marquee Hire

You need to Create a Full Supportive Framework for the Wedding Marquee First:

Changing the layout of a marquee is as easy as adding screens or curtains to it. This gives you the chance to make partitions within the marquee that you can then use to define various areas.

  • For example, if you wanted a separate area for your drinks and food, you would separate them with a simple addition of a curtain or screen. If you wished to separate the dance floor, you can do it with maybe a different theme of colors.
  • Marquees are usually cheap and so, a marquee hire would be relatively cheaper when compared to a venue hire. If you are using your own garden, then it would be even more cheap.
  • Additionally, you would also save up on the money you would spend of food and alcohol as you will not use caterers and drink that are usually provided by a venue.

Certain Conditions that you must Adhere to before you Go for a Wedding Marquee Hiring:

Marquees are best used in spring or autumn making it a seasonal venue.  That means, to hire a marquee during these seasons makes it extremely expensive.

  • That does not mean you can’t hold a marquee wedding during the summer or winter. However, if you plan too, then you will have to consider arranging for plenty of extras such as air conditioning, heating or even flooring to make your guests comfortable.
  • If you can get a wedding marquee hire that is great, but you might have to also hire additional facilities like tables and chairs, tableware, a dance floor, a stage, a sound system, lighting, a power supply and also guest toilets.
  • Having a wedding in your backyard with a marquee means added responsibilities for you, your new husband and your families. If you have the wedding in a venue, you can afford to leave all the mess for the venue to clean up, but in a marquee wedding, the chances of you having to do at least some of the cleaning is high.

Weddings are times of joy. As such, during receptions many break out into song and dance especially if you hired a live band or even a DJ. Marquees are not sound proof, so having a reception in the garden may have a negative impact on your surroundings. You might end up disturbing your neighbors, even more so if you have not invited them.


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