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Why Would You Choose the Travertine Tiles for Home Improvement?

Travertine tile is a type of limestone and belongs to the category of natural stones that is available in different varieties and textures. You can find these tiles in different shades and colors such as brown, rust, beige and tan colors. They look very attractive and you can use them for your floor decoration. Apart from that, you can also use these tiles on your pool side areas. As said that travertine tiles are natural stones, so they will require some maintenance and you cannot use these stones in your outdoor heavy traffic areas.

#5 Advantages of Travertine Tiles

  1. Travertine tiles are very stylish, and they come with earth or natural art. They are subtle and you can use them to attract your guests. With mild tones of these tiles, you can also decorate your walls and you can easily install them without any hassle.
  2. Travertine tiles are available in some soft tones and you can find different colored travertine tiles in the market such as beige, grays, off-white and brown. So you can mix these colors to decorate your different rooms, and you can also use the same for your bathroom and kitchen as well.
  3. These tiles are durable and they are scratch resistant. Apart from that, these tiles do not get affected by adverse weather conditions, and natural finish tiles have more scratch resistant capacity than ratification tiles. So you do not need to invest a lot in their maintenance and you can seal them after a few years only. For normal cleaning of travertine tiles, you can use plain water, and wet mops.
  4. With prior maintenance, travertine tiles can provide you better longevity and they can last longer than other tiles. If you find any cracks or a particulate portion breaks then you can also repair these tiles partially. For color-match repair, you may need to buy a few more tiles, but it will cost you less than other floor repairing such as concrete repairs.
  5. You can find several finishes of travertine tiles and you can choose the honed tiles for your bathroom and kitchen because they are slip resistant. Apart from that, you can select the tumbles and brushed travertine tiles for your living rooms because these tiles are glossy in nature and they can reflect the lights. But all you need to do is to seal these tiles properly because improper sealing of tiles can create stains and you will not be able to remove these stains from your floor in the future. So always hire a professional and trained installer to install these tiles in your home.

How would you Choose the Best Travertine Tiles?

There are different kinds of travertine tiles available in the market and it is difficult to choose the best one. Here you can find a few things which must be considered during the selection of the travertine stones:

  • Measure your floor area and then determine the amount of tiles you require for the project. You need to buy a few tiles extra for covering the damages because during the installation, two or more tiles can get damaged and you need to replace them instantly.
  • Then you need to check different types of tiles available in the market, and check their quality and durability level. Most of the manufacturers provide limited warranty on their tiles and you must read their warranty terms and conditions before buying.
  • Always install the travertine tiles by trained professionals and you can enquire the same from the dealers. They can assist you to choose the best installer.

You need to prepare the surface and clean the areas before installing the tiles and it is really a hectic job. So it is better to rely on the trained and experienced professionals in this regard.


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