Why Is It Important to Keep Electrical Cable Connectors Handy?

A household must have everything for daily chores and living, and also everything for fixing and repairing household items and appliances. And this includes electric wire connectors too. Just like you keep a hammer, a few nails, some glue, some cement mix, a wire cutter, and many such items handy, so that you don’t have to call for electricians and plumbers for petty issues, you must keep some electric cable connectors handy too. Such small tools and items make the household well equipped to handle small fixing and repair works, small crises management, and you may use them to split lines and install appliances as a DIYer.

What Are Electrical Cable Connectors?

Electric cable connectors are small devices used to connect two electrical wires, so that electricity may pass uninterrupted through the two wires which are turned into one. This ensures smooth passage of electricity, safety for household members and insulation of the joined part. Also when connectors are used to fuse the wires, they can be taken off anytime to split back the wires to their old state to do some other work.

Normally without the availability of connectors, wires are twisted together, and covered by an insulating black tape. But this method renders the exposed twisted wire fragments unusable for future use, as separation of the parts gets difficult. Professionally used connectors are a smart alternative to this method, and they offer easy joining and fixing of open wire ends without deforming or twisting wires.

Electrical Cable Connectors

Electrical Cable Connectors

What Types Are Commonly Used?

The commonly used electrical wire connectors are sliding connectors, crimping connectors, and twist-on connectors. All of them are easy to use and handle. The most common type is the twist-on wire connector, which can be fitted onto the loose wire ends just like a cap, and then twisted to close the gap and connect the wires. It can be opened similarly by twisting anti-clockwise again and sliding it off like a cap to release the wires.

Using The Right Size Cable Connector

It’s very important that you use the right sized cable connector for your wires. Else you may encounter problems like electrical failure or electrical fire. That’s because once the connector is fitted on to the wires, the electric passing through the wire faces little resistance while entering the joined wire through the connector. It’s at this stage that the wires get heated up due to the resistance and expands.

If the wires expand then a tight connector may break open under pressure. Again a loose connector may come off the wires when the current is not flowing and the wires cool down and shrink. Hence neither loose nor tight, but just the right sized connector is recommended for use. If you want better guidance on picking the right sized connector, watch for the size guide on the connector package or product details, or talk to the seller. A good seller of your online connector store will be available for a chat or email communication always.

You will need a wire stripper for using the connector, and nothing else. In case you don’t have one, you may use a knife or blade too for stripping the wire ends.

How to Join Electrical Wires Using a Cable Connector?

Joining two wires using a connector is really easy. You need to strip off the wires up to a maximum of 8 cms. And then you should slide in the connector like a cap. And finally twist it clockwise to make it tight and clasp on to the wires. That’s it, and you are done. The wire ends are secured, insulated, and connected for a smooth electric current passage. You need not twist the wires before inserting them inside the cable connector.


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