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Why Go for a Textured Render Finish?

A beautiful house can gift you a happy living. Also, if the home is well decorated and aesthetically painted, it will represent your personality in front of the other people. After a hectic day, you get back home to relax and to restore the peace of mind. So, the place has to be beautiful enough to provide you that happy feeling.

If you want to paint your house with textured render finish you can enhance the durability of the house. The beauty and elegance of any house are enhanced by textured render finish. This finish will transform your old house into a stylish and more comfortable one. When a thick mixture of water, cement, and lime is applied on the brick walls to give it a finishing touch and complete look that process is of textured render finish. This finish gets the drab cement walls back to its life. So, to keep our home aesthetic, we must put this much effort. There is a variety of options in this finish like- fine scrapped finish, trowel smoothened finish, medium scrapped finish or smoothened finish by a sponge. Also, there are options like smooth texture and spray texture.

Benefits of Textured Render Finish: –

  • Durability is Enhanced: –A wall, with textured render finish, becomes more resilient to the perils of the climate and thus becomes more durable. Also, the home gets protection from the harmful UV rays with this finish. When this finish is used for the interiors, the walls are pre-protected from fungal growth an also chunks of colors do not get peeled off from the walls anymore.
  • The Elegance and Beauty of the House are enhanced: –A house becomes more beautiful and appealing with texture render finish and it gives a better look to the house than the wallpapers can do. With a change in the method of doing the textured finish, the old building can get back to life again as the leaks and cracks get covered. So, help your old house breath again into life.
  • Easy and Low Maintenance: -People do not get much time to maintain the house regularly. Texture render finish does not require much care, it is very easy to maintain, and you do not need any yearly supervision for that. Once you do this, just enjoy the beauty of your place and some other great benefits for a really long period of time.
  • Energy Efficiency: –This is a very unique but useful benefit. If a texture render finish is applied to a building, it gets an insulation property. This property keeps the temperature of the interior of the house warm. In this way, the house remains comfortable and cozy during winter and cool during summers. In this way, the energy consumption of the cooling and heating systems is reduced. So, indirectly, you can save a lot on your electricity bills.
  • Damp Penetration Is Reduced: –If the bricks of a house remain exposed to the outside for a long time, the walls are dampened. Along with this, so many additional issues are invited especially during monsoons when continuous hazards of the weather cause more problems to the bricks and the walls. All these ill effects of the damp can be avoided with this finish as it prevents the penetration of damp.

So, if the building or house that you are resining. In is age-old long and has been subjected to the prolonged test of time then it is high time to get it some relief. To elongate the age and longevity of the building, you should really give the texture render finish of the house a serious thought. The old building will get a new life automatically. Also, if you are thinking of selling your old house, this texture render finish can get you some really good deals. As the building will get a new look, the value will increase certainly.


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