Which Colour Photocopier To Buy For Your Office Use?

A photocopier is used to make paper copies of files, documents, images, etc. quickly and has been around for decades now. With the evolution of various types of Photocopiers, it has turned out cheaper and affordable. It is now widely known as a “Xerox machine” although; Xerox is a brand that manufacture photocopiers. Earlier, there were only black and white machines but now we have coloured photocopiers too. But which one you should buy for your office, if you have any doubts then in this article, we will inform you about some photocopiers that are commonly used.

Types of Photocopiers

Here are some of the widely used photocopiers since decades:

  1. Digital photocopiers: These are the newest form of copiers, the digital age copiers. They are a multi-functional device that has the ability not only to make copies but to fax, scan, and print. Thus, it is used widely in offices nowadays. It makes day-to-day process of the office much easier and faster. They are easy to use despite the advanced features and they don’t need a specialist staff even a peon of the office can use them.
  1. Colour photocopiers: These are specialized models for coloured copies, but they can produce black and white copies, as well. The four primary colours used in this type of printers are CYMK or Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black these colours are mixed to produce other colours. If you are in the printing business, these are quite budget-friendly models.
  1. Multifunctional photocopiers: These are able to perform several functions like copying, scanning, printing, faxing and the latest models even have the Internet access. These models can be connected to the office network to send and receive internal or external documents using the scan to email function. You can take out a printout using your laptop via a wireless connection and install customized document. They are a perfect print management tool for any office.    
  1. Desktop photocopiers: If you want a copier for a small space, then they are the best form of models. You can place them on the desk. But they are a basic device that can only print A4 papers. The one benefit that they come with is that you can configure them to accommodate additional paper tray modules allowing the machine to be raised to a normal height usage. You can connect this model to your office network to allow you and your employees to print and give ease of access. You can use it for fax, as well. 
  1. Mono photocopiers: If your work doesn’t require colour photocopiers, you can buy this. These use only one toner colour and that is black. Thus, these copiers are known as monochrome. You can get them in different capacities that are low-volume to high-volume. Some of these can copy 100 pages per minute and they are considered great for office purpose, especially if you need a lot of copies of your documents on day-to-day basis.
  1. Analogue photocopiers: These are the oldest types of copiers being used. Nowadays, only a few units of this type are sold because they are prone to mechanical failure and they have become outdated, you might not get their genuine parts, if they show errors. Never buy a second-hand analogue photocopier because you might save some money on purchase, but you will get a lot of headaches in the long run.

There are many factors that you should consider before buying colour photocopiers like the volume of copies you need each day, the possibility of growth in the next 6 months, what will be your future demands, space, and budget, etc. It is always advisable to invest in a higher-level model so that you don’t have to upgrade or change it for a long time.


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