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What to Do if Your Car Gets Broken Into

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Being the victim of a car break-in isn’t the most pleasant experience. Something always gets stolen and you have thousands of shards of broken glass all over your car. Thousands of people experience this crime every day in Australia. In this kind of situation, it’s easy to get confused and make mistakes. You should know some crucial steps you have to take in order to try and get your things back.

  1. Document everything

When you notice that your car’s been broken into, your first instinct might be to rummage through the mess to see what’s missing. The first thing you should do is take some photos of the scene of the crime. Photograph all the damage that was done to the car both inside and out. This is extremely valuable information for law enforcement.

It might also help you defend your claim with insurance companies. It’s hard to argue against photographic evidence of the break-in.

  1. List all stolen items

The most common reason for car break-ins is theft. Perpetrators believe that there is something valuable located in your car and they want to take it. Some of the most common items that are stolen from cars include stereos, wallets, and spare change. Make a list of all the things you believe are missing. It might help police officers if they should locate the thieves.

Personal documents might not cross your mind immediately, but they are the riskiest things you can lose. Any sensitive papers such as credit card details could be used to withdraw funds from your account. Because of this, it would be wise to set up a fraud alert with your bank, so that they can temporarily freeze your account. Many Australian banks offer this service free, but some might require a small fee for the process.

  1. Repair the damage

Break-ins aren’t a very gentle affair. Most thieves won’t take their time to pick your car door lock and gently rummage through your things. Instead, they will probably break your window and open the door from the inside. If your glove compartment is locked, you can expect that to be damaged as well.

In order to make your vehicle road-ready again, you have to repair the damage from the break-in. Luckily, you won’t have any trouble finding places for vehicle window repair in Sydney. On the other hand, glove compartments might require a new lock. If your trunk is broken into, you might have to take it to a mechanic to get it fixed.

  1. File a report to the police

Vandals often don’t limit themselves to just one vehicle. They will probably continue their streak of break-ins on other vehicles in your neighbourhood. Contacting local law enforcement could help you find your own stolen items, but it can also give the police some valuable information about where the perpetrators tend to strike.

Insurance companies require that you file a police report before they can process your claim. Ask the officers if they can come and assess the damage that was done to the vehicle. This is crucial information for your insurance claim.


Theft from vehicles is an extremely common occurrence. Cars are an easy and relatively unprotected place to break into, which is why they are such prime targets. Remember not to keep too many valuables in your vehicle because its windows are not invincible. Follow some of these steps and hopefully, law enforcement can help you recover part of what was taken from you. At the very least, your insurance company will compensate you for some of the losses. This is why meticulous documentation is important.



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