What Should You Know Before Going For Dental Implants?

Losing a tooth in real life can be a nightmare for most of us. However, if you have ever lost any tooth, nowadays you can easily get a dental implant to cover up the missing tooth space. This is a procedure which can be performed by an oral surgeon, wherein he/she surgically fused an artificial tooth in the jawbone.

It is a long term option for tooth replacement, unlike the old choice of a fixed bridge or removable dentures. The removable dentures make an embarrassing clicking sound while speaking, and has the chances of slipping off, and fixed bridge rely on healthy neighbouring teeth as an anchor, which might hurt the healthy teeth down the road.

A dental implant is made up of titanium metal and fuses to the jawbone; it serves as the root for the missing tooth. Implants are durable and rarely needs to be replaced; however, fixed bridge, on the other hand, needs to be replaced two to three times during a lifetime.

The procedure of dental implant is not a quick process.  The step by step procedure of dental implants is as follows:

  • A complete dental examination is done, including x-ray, and moulds that are made of your teeth.
  • Then it is followed by a treatment plan. Here you will work closely with dental provider, who will examine closely, and create a treatment plan. Before the treatment plan starts, your dentist will take into consideration the number of implants required, or we can say the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the condition of your jawbone.
  • Post this procedure; the professional will give you the instruction as to how the dental implant should be taken care of. This is nothing different than taking care of your regular teeth like flossing and brushing to avoid plaque.
  • The procedure, the dental implant involves a severe surgical procedure which may take from three to nine months, this is a lengthy procedure. But most of the time is taken for the healing purpose and for the new bone and tissues to grow in the jaw after dental implant surgery.
  1. Firstly the dental implant cylinder is placed in the jawbone.
  2. Then the healing procedure starts, which can be as long as several months.
  3. Once the jawbone is healed, then an abutment is placed, and then it is followed by a crown or an implant prosthetic.
  • For pain control during the surgery or total procedure, a form of anaesthesia or sedation or local anaesthesia is given.

Now since that we know the total procedure of dental implant, let us look into some of the advantages of the same:

  • Dental implants have high success rate: Though the success rate depends on the dental health of the individual, the expertise of the person who is performing the procedure, and the place in the jaw where the dental implant is placed. Still then dental implant has got a high success rate of approximately 95%.
  • The look: Dental implants are superior to dentures and bridges when it comes to appearance. Therefore, when it comes to look and feel, the only difference between a real tooth and a dental implant is that it is not a real tooth. Consequently, you might tend to forget that you have lost your tooth.
  • Save adjacent teeth: Dental implants do not need to anchor to the neighbouring healthy teeth for support, unlike dentures, therefore help in preserving the overall health of the teeth next to them.
  • Eat quickly: Unlike any other dental procedure, through the dental implant, you can experience a more satisfying chewing experience like your natural teeth.
  • Reliability: Dental implants are more reliable than bridges or dentures, and there is no requirement of it to be replaced.

Thus looking into the above points we get to understands that if you ever lose a tooth, then you can easily opt for dental implant which is more of like a real tooth in terms of look and function, even though it is a lengthy procedure but still worth a try for the replacement of the missing tooth.


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