What Are The Causes Of Blocked Drains And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Drains and sewerage lines are two of the most important areas which you must consider when you start building your home. Proper drain relining and getting rid of drain-related problems can ensure a hassle-free daily lifestyle for you. Hair, small toys, paper napkins and many other things go into the sink and bathroom drains to clog them. Before you hire an experienced plumber to get rid of blocked drains, you need to know about the causes for the same.

Top 5 causes of blocked drains: things to know before you hire a plumber

There are multiple causes of blocked drains, and before you call a drain-cleaning specialist, you need to understand the following causes:

  • Regular usage of shampoo in bathroom, falling hair and strands of hair gets deposited as clumps all around and inside drains. It is one of the sole reasons for blocked drains. You can pluck out the hair clumps by wearing gloves, before the water flow gets too slow.
  • Tree roots and branches growing inside your home premises can also be one of the potent reasons for blocked drains. When you notice uneven growth of plant leaves and roots all around your bathroom or sewer drains, then you need to prune the tree roots and leaves to allow sufficient flow of water.
  • Grease and fatty food items consisting of cooking oil, butter or fish oils and chicken skins are often not properly deposited inside the garbage vats. Many people allow the oil, grease and dirt to get deposited inside the sink. As these percolate through the drain, they cause blocked drains, thus hindering the free flow of water. Grease and fats stick to the side of the drain pipes and they do not get washed up very easily.
  • People also throw sanitary napkins, baby diapers and many other forms of toiletries inside the drains, or inside the commode and then they flush them out. In fact, sometimes, there have been cases reported where people have thrown eu-de-cologne bottles inside the toilet openings, thus creating a safe passage for blocked drains.
  • Broken pipes, improper installation of pipes, constant storm, rain and intrusion of foreign objects are also some other causes which lead to blocked drains. Underground placement of sewage, taps and bathroom pipes must be done properly to ensure maximum functionality of the drains.

Top 3 tips to unclog blocked drains:



In order to tackle the problem of blocked drains, it is essential to get an idea about how to clear them:

  • Let us first think about the solutions for the kitchen. Lemon juice, hot water, vinegar, baking soda, and small quantity of detergent powder can be mixed in a mug. Then while the mixture is still hot, you can pour it inside the drains, to unclog the blocked drains in your kitchen or bathroom areas.
  • You can use the wet and dry vacuums to unclog the blocked drains. Set up a specific tool and then use the vacuum liquid to take out the major clumps of dirt from the drains. If you cannot tackle this with the DIY techniques then you can hire the 24/7 plumbing solutions to come to your rescue.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and the sewerage pipes after regular intervals will also give you the best ideas to beat the problems of clogged drains. There is a U-shaped pipe beneath the kitchen or bathroom basin tap. You can open the pipe and then pour some liquid cleaning solution, or anti-corrosive detergent to unclog the blocked drains.

 Finally if you do not reach any solution, then it is the best to hire a registered and certified plumber who can take care of major plumbing needs of your home.


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