What Are the Advantages of Long Span Shelving?

It is really important to choose the best storage solutions for your raw materials if you happen to own any production unit or warehouse. In order to store your products safely inside your warehouse, you should install proper long span shelving in it. Long span shelving can give you maximum storage space and you can install them to save your floor space. These shelves are a great advantage if your warehouse is a small one that cannot accommodate all the things in a proper way. In this regard, you can choose the longspan shelving for your small warehouse as you can easily adjust the height and other specifications of these shelves according to your needs. You can also change the configuration of these shelves anytime according to your convenience without having to install an additional racking system for your large size products. Plus, hand loaded shelving can provide you with more safety because you can manage your productions as well as an operation by your own labors. Even you can choose the high rise long span shelving for your warehouse to store your goods in the different pallets according to your preferences.

What is long span shelving?

Long span shelving’s are designed with various frames and beams.  You can install various racks on the same bay with their in-built lock-in system. Apart from that, support beams of these shelves also ensure optimal safety to prevent your products from any accidental damages. The beams and structure of these long span shelving are fully powder coated and rust resistant. They can bear heavy loads and you can access your products by using different material handling equipment.  You can use truck, forklift or telescopic equipment for loading and unloading of your goods from these racks.

Why would you choose longspan shelving?

Longspan shelving is manually operated shelves and you can manage them by hiring laborers.  These manually operated shelves are best for small warehouses. It is better to install such long span shelving with optimal height, as you can also install the same with maximum height. But if you install long height shelves in your warehouse then you have to access the shelves mechanically.  You can also add lift on these shelves to access the upright shelves. To access these longspan shelves you can use stacker cranes or forklifts.

  • Since the long span shelving is mostly used for the small warehouses, it is the best to lift medium loads. But they can bear the heavy loads too and you can use them effectively for your rapid production units.
  • You can store different types of SKU’s in these long span shelving and use split system of these shelves to store maximum number of articles.
  • You can adjust the loading measurements of the long span shelving by their adjustable loading capacity to organize your goods.
  •  Do not go for upright long span shelving because they are good for your small production units. You should install such shelves with a height of maximum 20m.
  • You can keep your products safe and secure by the inter-locking system of these shelves. Apart from that, most of these commercial shelving solutions come with limited warranty. So, you can also claim free servicing from your manufacturers in any case of any problem within the warranty period.
  • The beams of the long span shelving are powder coated and they are completely rust resistant. This makes them durable in the long run.

To get your long span shelving installed you must hire professionals to avoid any mistake or accident. The professional can also guide you about their functionality and safety measures.


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