Wedding Planning In 10 Simple Steps For Everyone

Simple Steps For Wedding Planning

As soon as girls and boys start understanding what does it mean to be married and what is wedding day, they plan about their perfect wedding day. As soon as the wedding dates are decided, not only the couple but both the families put in all their efforts to make the wedding day memorable. People these days spend extra time and make more than usual investment in making the marriage ceremonies unique and different. But what if a person does not have enough money to hire a professional wedding planner? Nothing to worry, this piece of writing will be talking about step by step process of your dream wedding.

Think of your wedding to be a puzzle that has around 1,000 pieces. In order to make sure that every part is at right place you need to ensure that you have all the pieces with you. All the pieces should be laying down with you in an organized manner. Following the underlined points with a little extra effort you can actually come up with your own dream wedding day.

Prioritize everything: Prioritizing the list of your activities that you need to remember throughout the planning process. You will face the challenges and you will have to make compromises as well but you have to face everything and must pay attention to most important task that would need to be completed. Therefore, first step is to write down the priorities that you and your fiancé have. It is suggested to make a checklist in this regards.

Make big decisions: Decide what both of you want and then you will find the nitty-gritty to be carried out easily. Think about the day, write about it, draw it and you will be in a strong position to see the bigger picture of everything.

Organize activities: Once you know what ending picture would look like, start working on putting the puzzle pieces together. See your budget and then look at the bigger categories. It is suggested to draw a flow chart of bigger activities. These can be:

  • Bride
  • Groom
  • Stationary
  • Guests
  • Venue
  • Décor
  • Menu
  • Bakery
  • Best man
  • And anything according to your wedding plan

Timing is everything: Make a time schedule for each and every task that you have thought about above. This will enable you to enjoy control of all the activities. Put them on the calendar so that you do not forget anything.

Divide responsibilities: You need to clear about the fact that you cannot do everything on your own. Call in the cavalry and delegate the responsibilities. Make sure that you do that with the reliable and trust worthy people who will lend you hand in making your wedding day memorable.

Get in to the field:  Once you responsibilities would have been delegated you will be in the field as everyone will be accessing you to ask you things and to update about what has been done and etc. You will be called for the testing, sampling, reviewing and fitting sessions and so much more.

Update essentials: Get back to your board where you drew your wedding and mark the tasks that have been done. You can also make use of it in order to update the stratus of activities.

Follow up: Make follow up with the vendors and suppliers so as to make sure that everything is being carried out as planned. By now you might have finalized your guests list so gear yourself up for the Table name cards.

Final countdown: Ensure that everything related to wedding in all set and meet all the suppliers and vendors to reassure that everything is aligned. Don’t forget t weather check for the wedding day so that you may make necessary arrangements accordingly.

YOUR BIG DAY: So here it is, forget everything, leave the stress. Wake up fresh, doll up yourself and enjoy the wedding day at its best. Always remember best thing comes with extra efforts.

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Kate Sanders

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