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Ways To Make the Most of a Tiny Balcony

A typical condo unit has a balcony that spans two square meters and a maximum of three square meters. Though the size depends on the developer and structure of the property, condominiums typically have small terraces. The terrace in Rockwell condo, for example, can restrict you from enjoying unrestricted view of the metropolis.

Since there’s not enough space to enjoy the outdoors tailored to your liking, who not transform your few meters called balcony to a nursery or garden? You use these tips to make an instant paradise of greens.

1. Use short and small plants.

Making use of shorties provides a view of what’s beyond the railings. It also allows you to pile a bunch of plants into groups that can resemble shrubs without looking bulky. Tiny, leafy greens such as Asparagus fern, English ivy, and geraniums in clay pots and tin containers provides a refreshing scene. If the arrangement follows a specific order, the low plants won’t look crowded.

To make it work, go with plants that have different leaves and textures. You can put puny plants in tin containers that look like cups. Install a magnetic film or hooks to hang them according to your preference. The asymmetrical pattern works on neatly organized plants on the ground while vertical lines on the walls emphasize the height of the wall and ceiling. You can also make use of mason jars, ceramic and plastic pots in various colors and width to break off the green color.

2. Arrange the plants by height.

Limited spaces can benefit from the illusion of placing plants from the lowest to the tallest. A bamboo, ficus, fig, or palm pushed to the walls surrounded with smaller shoots draws the eye to the length of the area rather than the floor space. Make sure not to consume most of the floor space if you plan to include other elements in your balcony.

3. Block the view using tall plants.

Instead of putting the plants close to the walls or letting it crowd by the balcony door, why not push them towards the railings?

The number of plants you need to serve as cover on your railings depends on the width of your veranda. Three or four full-grown Dracaenas or Schefflera are enough to hide your indoors from people’s view. You can also use flower boxes instead of potted plants on the floor. Choose a flower box you can perch on the rails. To maximize the space within, hang plants outside of the railing.

4. Extend the greenery on the top floor.

If you have no plans to include other pieces of furniture in the terrace, you fill the entire area with ferns or plants with long and slender leaves like cordyline. These plants are full of character and go well with other types of plants.

Filling the area with vegetables and flowers is not only aesthetically pleasing. It is also beneficial for your condo. Opening the balcony door makes way for a fresh batch of oxygen.

Besides filling the balcony with plants, there is another kind of paradise. The view of the city from the top floor is no match for the monotonous skyscrapers. Thus, it helps to make yourself comfortable when watching the sunrise and sunset. Here are some ways to hack furniture placement in a limited balcony:

1. Skip the furniture.

Some balconies are only a few square meters which makes it difficult to fit any furniture. If your terrace doesn’t allow this kind of flexibility, use a mattress. Lay a rug and a cardboard or wood underneath to add support and protect it from holes and moist. Choose a sturdy foam and cover it with thick and soft material. Add cushions in different sizes and covers. If you want to get the most of the outdoors, consider installing an awning, so you have a shield from the unpredictable weather.

You can install a hammock. A hammock will make you feel like you’re in a retreat without stepping out of your home.

2. Consider recyclable materials

Rather than buy new pieces of furniture, making use of crates, barrels and antique furniture helps you save on decorations. Moreover, upcycling gives a charm that isn’t present in new furniture.

Crates pulled together creates seating. You can add foam and cushions to make it more comfortable. If you plan to consume the space, you can move the furniture to form an L shape and create an outdoor room. Add side tables and rug to make it cozy. Subsequently, you can also use old wood as table tops.

3. Explore furniture sets.

Though space is limited, try to look for pieces of furniture that can fit in the area. A set of outdoor recliners along with a small side table is perfect for the times when you want to relax and get a whiff of fresh air.

A small space shouldn’t dishearten you from creating relaxing and comfortable home. The balcony may be not part of the indoors but is still essential to enhancing your condo living experience. Whether you plan to fill it with plants or a love seat, both options are sure to improve a quaint balcony.

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