Vacuum Pump Servicing – Prove To Be A Blessing For Industries

Vacuum pump acts as an air compressor in industries. Vacuum pumps in industrial areas help to remove gases in a closed area and creates vacuum all around. Some of the industries that use these vacuum pumps are as follows:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power generation industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry

Some types of vacuum pump systems include:

  • Rotary vane
  • Screw
  • Articulated piston
  • Liquid ring

Various Types Of Vacuum Pump Servicing Done In An Industry Are As Follows:

1. Voltage check at proper intervals – The workers in the industries must make proper arrangements to check the voltage of the vacuum pump; it must not be too high. This may be harmful to the company and they may suffer losses.

2. The differentials must be looked carefully – The workers must check the differences in the filters of the vacuum pump. The pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure should be similar to that pressure released by the vacuum pump. If there is a difference in the pressure then the pump requires parts checkup, especially the filters.

3. Checks of leakages in the atmosphere or fluid – Leakages in a fluid like oil can be easily identified by seeing the area of work. But leakages of air could be a bit difficult to identify. The only way is to apply soap water on some parts of the pump and if there are bubbles formed then that reflects the leakage of the air.

4. Note the degree of temperature – One of the major problems in vacuum pump servicing is that one part of the pump gets overheated. This could be a loss for the company as it reduces the work efficiency of the pump and increases the cost of maintaining the pump. This overheating may force the industry to replace the pump beforehand.

5. Check of oil samples – checking the status of oil is quite necessary either on a yearly basis or quarterly basis. If there are traces of solid and liquid mixtures or flakes of metal found in the oil, then it is a sign of changing the oil content in the pump.

6. Level of vibrations must be checked – The motor that is fixed inside the pump generates vibrations. These vibrations have a standard limit which should not be exceeded.  Worn out vibration pads in vacuum pump servicing may lead the pump to tilt due to excessive vibrations and as a result, the nut bolts become loose.

7. Examines the opening of water and air – The maintenance of the pump is very important and necessary to remove the layers of dirt from the vents of water and air intake. The dirt can be removed by scrubbing.

8. Empty the pump tank – The pressure in the pump converts the air into water vapor. That water must be drained out as it can cause harm to the air volume.

Some Advantages Of Vacuum Pump In An Industry Are As Follows:

  • The pump is quite simple to install.
  • The maintenance is very easy.
  • It gives a very convenient and effective result.
  • It has very simply functioned without any complications.
  • It a quiet reliable source of operation.
  • The design is very simple but eye catching.

In different industries, this device works differently. For example- in the pharmaceutical industry, its work is to recover the water vapor and drying. Vacuum pump servicing is very advantageous for the industry because of the above reasons. So, it’s the duty of every industry to install a vacuum pump either water one or dried one.


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