Unique Indoor & Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for an Adventurous Spirit

Party planning can be fun, but also stressful for children and adults alike. You never do quite know if you have planned accordingly until the last minute and it’s either sink or swim time. Birthday parties are especially demanding because of the requests you are usually met with and the unwillingness to provide any specific details from the person requiring them. They’ll tell you they want an outdoor party that is a lot of fun but won’t say what the fun entails. Maybe they will slip in a couple of hints, like go to the park, but this still isn’t very helpful when there is also a basketball court, volleyball net, and a lake nearby. If they’d like to stay home, then it is basically up to you to scour the internet for games to play. Coming up with great indoor & outdoor birthday party ideas can mean the difference between a sink or flop, and that is a lot more pressure than is needed for a day of supposed fun. Luckily, there are a few to keep in mind.

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

Indoor parties can be daunting. Decorations, food, drinks, clean and play areas, and then the overall cleanup afterward. Oh, and we forgot to mention you need entertainment during that time. The best way to go about planning for such an event is first to pick their brain to figure out exactly what they like to do. Games, movies, and arts are all popular fun. If they are an artsy person, you may want to come up with some cheap crafts, which don’t make a huge mess and do not require any special skills. Nowadays, companies have reinvented the idea of indoor art to come up with many easy clean paints and markers. Have the kids work on their artistic setup with finger paints, markers, or coloring books, and little rope or beaded bracelets are especially fun for the girls where they can each go home with a friendship token. If it is around the holidays, you could also decorate cookies, grab some gingerbread houses, or even make ornaments.

For the more lively bunches, fun indoor games of tag, twister, hide and seek, or even hopscotch can be played. While this does depend on the size of the house and other areas, such as basements, if you know ahead of time that you will be hosting a bunch of rambunctious kids, you will at least have a little more time to put away the breakables and section off an area. If the weather happens to be nice out and you have a backyard, water balloons are cheap and last for hours.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

If it can be helped and the weather is fair, it is always more fun to get outside, enjoy the sun, and not have to clean up a huge mess afterward. Outdoor ideas are more straightforward if you live somewhere with a park with facilities for playing ball or swimming, but it is also easy to pick up a cheap nerf ball or two and have the kids play soccer, dodgeball, or even red rover. If you are really into planning and coming up with games, a scavenger hunt can be loads of fun for anyone. Hide the clues or items beforehand and let the kids go wild.

For those who are uninterested, bubbles, balloons, and sidewalk chalk will make anyone’s day, and if all else fails, a small beach and a blow-up ball is the way to go.

Archery at outdoor

Take it a step Further and Combine Your Indoor & Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas with Combat Archery

For those who want to add a little more spice to their fun times, something such as Edmonton Combat Archery will provide the best of both worlds for the children and adults. No knowledge of archery is necessary, all the equipment is provided, and you all will have fun for hours.

What is combat archery?

Imagine combining dodgeball, paintball, and archery. Now imagine that type of game in a 5,200 square foot combat arena designed to look like a medieval fortress. Players are equipped with safety goggles, masks, and bows and let loose in the ring.

What happens?

Playing combat archery is easy. Rounds are limited to 30 players and include 30 minutes of target practice, and 60 minutes of play time. Players are divided into two teams, and a pile of arrows is placed in the middle of the ring. Once the gamer yells to begin, everyone rushes to the center to grab as many arrows as possible without being hit before running away. The goal is not to get shot by an opposing team, so this can be quite the site for anyone viewing the event. If the players make it away from the center, they then hide around one of the many obstacles. These include sniper towers that prove to be a sharp vantage point for anyone able to get up there. If someone hits a player or catches the arrow, they are out! If a game that fun doesn’t make the best birthday party ever, then you may need to hire an expert.

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