Types and Benefits of Installing Outside Blinds in Your Home

These days, our lives are stressful due to the work that we do, the problems we have, and also the health issues that we may be going through.  As a result, we all love to spend some quality time where we can relax. In this regard, the outside blinds prove to be a great addition when it comes to comfort. Houses with big balconies and garden furnish their space with outdoor blinds and shades. It is a beautiful way to provide relaxation, convenience, and comfort along with saving energy costs. This will help you make your space more attractive and striking.

Outside Blinds are shields or barriers on windows and veranda that protect you from sun rays in summers and the cold breeze in winters. You can enjoy the fresh air and bright light without compromising your privacy.

Types of Outside Blinds

These blinds are available in many styles, colors, and sizes. These are commonly known as, café blinds.


  1. Cafe Blinds: Café blinds are perfect to help you get a clear view. This helps to protect from bad weather and gives a perfect garden view. Café blinds are very durable and these are made of OVC plastic that can offer stylish addition to your space. They block strong wind and provides 20+ SPF protection.
  2. Shade Blinds: These blinds provide some really good protection. They block almost 95% of UV rays but don’t block the complete view. These blinds are ultimate for patio, pergola and gazebo. It is available in two versions, i.e. automatic and manual. These are very popular types of Outside Blinds and you can also get these with sensors.
  3. External Plantation Shutters: These are known as exterior plantation shutters. These shutters are ideal for enclosing your balconies and patios. The appearance is really attractive and protects your home from bad weather and will provide an elegant privacy solution.
  4. External Venetian Blinds: These blinds will provide you with a beautiful outside view as and when you want it. These offer complete privacy and can take a sight whenever you wish as the blades have a shallow curve. They are made up of aluminum sheets and provide easy access to clean the window glass.
  5. Timber Outdoor Blinds: These blinds are very common as the exterior plantation shutters. Other than timber you can also use bamboo blinds. This outside blind helps to enjoy a pleasant weather without compromising your privacy.

Advantages of using Outside Blinds


  1. Protection: Outside Blinds protect you from various outdoor elements like sunrays, dust, rain, and wind. Not only this, they also protect your furniture and interiors from intense sun and rain. It keeps our house cool in summers and warm in winters. You can simply pull down your blinds depending upon the weather condition.
  2. Stylish: Blinds are offered in numerous styles and colors. They can enhance the look and feel of the house. The vibrant color blinds will help you relax your mind. One must choose the right one that is suitable for the aesthetics of the interiors.
  3. Privacy: Are you worried about your privacy and your gawping neighbors? Here’s the solution!! Add Outside Blinds to your open space, garden, and balconies.  Other than this, it also acts as a shield for bad weather.
  4. Versatility: Blinds look appealing whether you use it for a kitchen garden, balcony, verandas, patios, etc. The only thing you need to take care of is getting the right color, type, and design.

So, make sure that you get the right outside blinds for your home and enjoy the numerous benefits. Apart from providing you comfortable ambiance, these blinds also improve the overall aesthetics of your house.


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