Trending Windows Ideas for Home Remodels

Homeowners often forget that aside from aesthetics, its important to also be strategic about remodeling your home. Functionality and resale value are just as important as appearance, and it would be pointless to spend more money on upgrading your home than you would gain in reselling it. A great rule of thumb for deciding if a project is worth the investment, is to assess both its value for money and its curb appeal.
When it comes to windows, a great style really adds to the curb appeal, and well-designed windows can drastically improve the look of your home’s interior as well. The following three window trends perfectly find the balance of visual appeal, functionality and value for money, and are guaranteed to give your home a timeless upgrade that you and future buyers will love for many years to come.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows and bow windows are classic features which are always trending, due to their practicality and versatility. As an aesthetic finish, bay and bow windows are ideal both inside and outside, and can really open up a space in a living room or bedroom. They can be used to provide additional seating space, or storage space, and are fantastic for letting light in and making a smaller space look airier. Due to their various functions and timeless style, these windows are sure to add resale value to your property.

French Doors and Picture Windows

By removing standard windows or patio doors and replacing them French doors not only accentuates the interior of the home, enlarging the living space, it also provides a picturesque framing of the view of the exterior, creating a panoramic vista. This style keeps trending because it is as functional as it is beautiful, and is sure to add resale value to your home, particularly if this element is repeated or complemented in other rooms of the home. Not only do French doors or picture windows provide an instant facelift to your home, they add to the curb appeal in a striking way.

Gable-Style and Decorative Window

A timeless style which is trending once again, gable-style windows are circular or semicircular designer windows which are featured above a door or window. This extra window not only allows additional light into the room, its curves contrasted against the right angles of the rest of the windows and door frame adds a classic sense of elegance to the room. Stained or tempered glass windows add an artistic flair to the fixture, making the area feel warm and cozy.

When opting for any of these window styles for your home’s window remodelling project, you may be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of choices available in terms of types of glass, grids, frame materials and colors, and more. These styles are versatile and customizable, which means you can create exactly the look and feel you envision in your home. If your aim is to draw the eye to the exterior views, then a simpler design would be advisable.


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