Traveler’s Guide: Earn Additional Money While Traveling

Traveling is one of those things that are unquestionably good for your soul, your body and mind. No matter where you are going or how long you are staying, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, getting accustomed with a variety of architectural wonders (and snapping awesome photos in the process) is always a fantastic experience, especially if your pleasure is unlimited (time-wise).

Unfortunately, the most common issue to spring up in these traveling scenarios is, well, the issue of money… that is, the lack of it. Traveling makes it so easy to get carried away and spend way above your budget, right? Well, believe it or not, there’s a pretty sweet solution to this called earning on the road. If you are currently on the road or are considering to start your traveling adventure any day now, read through the following suggestions that could help you earn a few extra bucks without actually breaking a sweat.

Teach English

Assuming you are fluent in English and good with people, picking up a teaching job while you are on the go could help you earn good money. At this point, there are a lot of non-English speaking countries or countries that welcome additional English lessons; Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan) would welcome your teaching services, as well as a few countries in Europe. Get accredited with Premier TEFL if you are exploring a long-term option, or brush up on your grammar for the position of a short-term tutor.

Write travel articles

If you can’t be bothered with starting your own travel blog, writing paid articles for other websites is a pretty great option to earn an extra buck! Do your research and approach a few blogs that welcome guests posts, and see to make a semi-permanent arrangement with them (while you are on the go) to submit articles that would share your traveling experience with the audience. You won’t earn a fortune, but you’ll earn enough to extend your traveling adventure for a few more weeks.

Do paid surveys online

One of the latest online trends is paid surveys, and we’re totally on board. A number of survey sites are now paying people to take surveys, and for good money. Obviously, there are some scammy options out there but we have no doubt that you’ll be smart enough to figure out which paid surveys online are legit and which aren’t.

Do odd jobs for people

Wait, give it a second before you say “No”. Putting your good health to use while traveling could actually earn you a few bucks if you know where to look. There are plenty of sites allowing you to find people who want you to do things they either can’t do (due to their health conditions) or don’t want to do. These jobs could range from running errands and grocery shopping to cleaning out gutters or removing an insect from someone’s home. There are other, more “sophisticated” jobs, like editing documents, writing resumes, proofreading stuff, writing emails, etc. Browse and find your fit!

Become a transcriptionist

Totally weird, but it works! If you are an awesome typer and kind of like working on a computer, transcription work may be the thing for you. Explore sites that pay per audio hour (last time we checked, you can get around $20 per hour) and find your fit. If you haven’t done this type of work before, this is a great chance to learn something new, earn money and add another skill to your resume!

Travel photography & videography

Now, this suggestion right here goes to people who are actually talented for photography and videography, and we’ll just assume you ARE one of them. Prior to traveling to your chosen country or while you are already there, find the companies or individuals looking for talented photographers. Consider offering your services for regular photography gigs like weddings, baby showers, etc. and suggest cashing in on your phenomenal traveling shots. If you are good at marketing yourself, you’ll secure a number of clients in no time.

See? Earning money on the road is totally easy if you know where to look! We hope you’ll have an awesome time traveling and earn as much as possible. Good luck!


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