Traditional Wedding Ceremony Unity Ideas

Weddings; however big or small are special and pulling off, a memorable one takes time, energy, lots of emotions, manpower and finances. Thus, to that bride that wants an unconventional dream wedding with some spice, we present unity ceremony ideas.

The different wedding unity ideas got us so fascinated, we were confused on which to settle for, as we got hooked on diversity.

The concepts of oneness are so refreshing, and can be featured in both outdoor and indoor weddings and spans across different religions, traditions and races.

For this reason, we aim to guide you through choosing a suitable unity ceremony for your big day. One which suits your personality and brings out the creativity in you. Are you best suited to a marquee wedding photobooth in Sydney, or perhaps you like a more understated affair. Let’s find out.

Wedding Ceremony Unity Ideas

Looking for something unique for your wedding ceremony? We are excited to share our wedding unity ideas with you. Ideas which we have compiled to help you express yourself best and make the day perfectly yours! 

  • Unity candle ceremony

The romance and serenity brought on by the unity candle ceremony caught our attention, as the couple lights a bigger unity candle together, using two smaller candles.

They also have the option of involving their parents, children and guests who can light theirs as they enter the venue and say a prayer of good luck for the couple.

We also have other unity candle alternatives for those who are having a winter wedding. These include;

  • Mixing a white and rose wine into a single bottle that can be stored for long period.
  • Mixing two different types of whiskey or tea to produce a single blend which the couple drinks at their wedding.
  • Sand ceremony

The illumination exercise had us until we came across the sand wedding where you and your spouse get two different color of sand and mix them together in a transparent or engraved vase.

The sand as we learnt could also be gotten from places that hold nice memories for both of you. Your children if any are allowed to partake in the colorful blending.

If you want something similar but without the sand, the sand ceremony alternatives are quite unique as the options are numerous. Two separate colors of water can be mixed or different spices blended into a special bottle, which can be added as a cooking ingredient in their marriage.

In addition, we learnt about the different unity symbols for weddings like the unity candle, sand, water, unity cross, spices and their strong significance.

The unity cross signifies strength and oneness through God, the unity candle means oneness, the blended sand connotes love while the different spices symbolizes hopes and dreams for the marriage.

Creative Unity Rituals

We discovered a number of unity ceremony ideas that could create a deep connection between both of you, making your marriage a memorable one. For unity ceremonies with the magic, there are many creative wedding ceremony ideas to choose from.

They are known as unity rituals, such as:

  • tree planting which symbolizes growth,
  • cross braiding made up of a cord of three strands which symbolizes your strength through God.
  • the time capsule creation signifying a love that stands the test of time and
  • the unity candle rite which signifies the oneness between you, your spouse and both your families.

Unity Ideas for Non-Traditional Wedding

A unity ceremony is the significant part of your wedding that seals your vows before the exchange of rings. While traditional unity methods may already appeal a lot to you, we must confess that the non-traditional unity ceremony ideas are also quite interesting.

As a modern bride, you can twist or skip tradition for any of our non-traditional unity rituals.

This method retains the modern elegance while preserving the unity ideas for wedding ceremony.

  • Family unity ceremony

The family unity ceremony is one of the most unique non-traditional unity ceremonies where a puzzle board is made out of your pictures or names.

The puzzle board is assembled by both of you at their wedding and thereafter, hung in your home as a reminder of the togetherness you share.

  • Tree planting ceremony

We were also excited to know that they have the outdoor wedding unity ideas option, such as the plant a tree ceremony for eco-friendly couples.

Soil gotten by both of you from cherished sources are mixed and some seeds planted, nurtured to grow as your marriage grows (indeed sentimental).

  • Unity canvas

Another is the unity canvas painted by the couple, bearing either love quotes, their names, wedding dates or even the wedding destination.

All in all, the unity ceremony ideas are very flexible, fascinating to watch, magical and romantic; allows both of you experiment new ideas that spices up the big day.

The different types of ceremonies avail you with options to choose from, which suits you best while creating memories that would last a lifetime.

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