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Top Basement Game Room Ideas

Being passionate about leisure activity as a teenager won’t score you many points with your parents. However, as you grow older, not only will you be able to facilitate game time better but you can create your very own game room. This room shouldn’t be located inside the house because it will take place of much more important rooms but no one would mind a game room in the basement, not even your spouse. In fact, if you throw in several games to choose from, they might even join you. There is nothing childish about playing games, as they are among the most efficient methods of getting your mind off work.

A spacious design

Whatever entertainment units you decide to place in the basement, the main floor should be left empty. As it is the case with a crowded gym, too much stuff inside a small space leads to the feeling of claustrophobia that has no room (pun intended) in a game room. The main idea behind having fun is the freedom to act your way and this notion goes well with free space. Apart from a carpet and a coffee table, not much should occupy the centre of the room.

Plenty of natural light and fresh air

The basement might be the ideal room inside the house for entertainment but it does have downsides. Firstly, there is little to no natural light inside the basement. This results in a constant feeling of stuffiness that is often followed with dampness that is impossible to get rid of unless there is fresh air circulating through the room.

We’ll write more about air circulation in the next paragraph but for now, you need to install large window panes. These will ensure enough light enters the basement so you don’t have to turn the lights on during the daytime. It would be a terrible loss to have to play with artificial light id it’s a sunny day outside. 

Besides natural light, the basement should have enough fresh air inside. This cannot come from the windows like in the rest of the house because they are positioned too low. Your game room will have to feature some sort of air venting possibly coupled with a ceiling fan to make sure nobody faints because of stuffy air.

The ability to pump in the fresh air should be paramount in any sort of activity you perform underground. If you are worried that pipes attached to the ceiling will destroy the décor of the basement, they know that you can always repaint them to match the colour of the walls so they become less conspicuous.

Adding a home cinema

There is hardly a person who doesn’t enjoy watching movies. You can organize such screening in your very own basement if you add a large TV screen and a row or two of seats. Individual armchairs are easily found at any furniture store and the only difference between the basement TV and the one upstairs is in the way it is mounted. TV wall mounts like the ones Ultralift Australia makes are rather easy to install, as all you need is a power drill and a couple of bolts. Then you can mount the TV on the wall to serve as a movie canvas.

Food and drinks

Like in a real cinema, you want to eat snacks and sip a fizzy drink or even a glass of wine if a romantic movie is on. In order not to go upstairs every time you wish a refill of the soda drink, you can create a mini kitchen in the basement. Nothing fancy, just a place where you’ll keep ice-cold drinks and where pop-corn can be prepared and sprinkled with salt. 

If you’re a wine lover, then a mini wine cellar is also a neat idea in combination with a home theatre, perhaps. If you place wine racks or mount them onto a wall, you would be using what was once a downside of the basement and turn it into an upside. We are referring to the cool air underground that is excellent for preserving bottled wine. The bottles would be safe here and near at hand when you want to serve the best vintage of Shiraz you have. 

Attractive lighting

As we wrote earlier, the basement should be sunlit during the day but the onset of darkness prompts you to go for the light switch. You can ensure that there will be an explosion of light if you replace the old incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving LED ones. This replacement is 1-for-1 so you won’t have to invest any extra money.

Furthermore, you can use LED strips to line the edges of the windows for an impressive effect. If there are any large mirrors in the basement, and you should hang a few to make the room appear bigger, their sides can be lined with LED strips. Basically, wherever you see a dull straight line, you can place am LED strip for décor reasons.

A carpet of a different colour

We’ve already mentioned that a carpet can adorn the floor of the basement. Apart from making it harder to slip, a carpet will play a decisive role in terms of interior design. In general, don’t use carpets that are grey, beige or black because they will “close” the room, making it look smaller than it already is. What you need are vivid and warm colours like light green or yellow. Such a carpet will perhaps be harder to upkeep and clean but it will fit in with the atmosphere of the game room much better.

Wall art

Just because its walls are located underground, the basement can still have art inside; just look at Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern and its elaborate wall carvings. Feel free to take down a couple of pictures from the bedroom or living room and hang them on the basement’s walls. They will go well with whatever game you decide to play downstairs and help you relax better during breaks.

We have listed just some of the top ideas for your basement game room. Don’t forget that the room needs plenty of natural light and fresh air before you start turning it into a hotspot of fun activities inside your home. 


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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