Top 5 Off-Beat Destinations That You Can Consider for Your Next Trip!

Traveling is a lot more than just hopping from one location to another! For globetrotters who have risen to the secret call of the unknown lands, traveling is a way of life! Not everyone one wants to go where the crowd goes. They are the path-breakers and off-beat travelers. If you are one of them, each of these five travel destinations has something distinctive to offer you. Let’s dive in.


Do not get discouraged by Kyrgyzstan’s 90% mountainous regions. Instead, get ready to be bewildered by its stunning landscapes. History buffs will get enticed by the country’s traditional nomadic culture, and a subtle Soviet hangover adds to its elusive charm. Kyrgyzstan is a perfect destination for travelers with a penchant for trekking and scenic outdoor locales. Interacting with locals enables you to know more about the country through stories. The country’s community-based tourism system allows easy homestay, overnight yurt experiences as well as hill trekking on horsebacks.

Republic of Georgia

Other than the Gelati Monastery and the Great Caucasus, the Republic of Georgia has much to offer, primarily its people. The Georgians are a warm and peaceful community. Walk into the morning marketplace, and you can feel the vibe. The striking mountain landscapes and a rich history add to the attraction. The incredible food and unique church structures such as the Metekhi St. Virgin Church attract global tourists annually.

Lexington, Kentucky

Other than being a traveler, if you are a horse lover, this is your place! Here you will find multiple globally renowned owners, trainers, thoroughbreds, races, stables, and jockeys. Lexington is one of the most popular thoroughbred racing capitals in the world! Tourists have the option to witness races at Keeneland or Churchill Downs and watch the same. Furthermore, the Kentucky Horse Park shows its reverence to famous racehorses through stellar statues. Before visiting, you can check for the breeders cup harness racing online and plan accordingly.


Beauty is never predictable! It is always fascinating and complex, but pleasantly surprising. So, Haiti with its scenic white-sand beaches and years of spiritual revolution stands out. The place is a melting pot of intricate cave networks, artists, mountain fortresses, musicians and shimmering waterfalls. This Caribbean country will have a distinct impression on you. Located at a distance of 1.5 hours from Miami, Haiti welcomes one and all with its natural beauty and the towering Pic la Selle, which is 2,680 meters above sea-level.


Bolivia’s aboriginal culture uniformly blends with its scenic and surreal landscapes. Tourists usually overlook this country and choose to explore its neighbors such as Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Most Americans say that exploring Bolivia involves extra paperwork and fees. However, the ones who have made it to this country assure that it is entirely worth it! Take a journey from Salar de Uyuni and Tupiza, and you will see few of the surreal landscapes on Planet Earth. From the incredible salt flats and rock formations to the serene green lakes, everything is soaked in natural beauty. Do not forget to hike around Isla del Sol and stop by Lake Titicaca!

Traveling has much to offer than mere relaxation and rejuvenation! There is an element of wonder attached to it that brings subtle shifts within. Every traveler undergoes an inner journey with every destination explored. It is individual and memorable. If you have a secret calling to explore the lands less traveled, the five places mentioned above are an excellent place to start!

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