Tips To Restore an Unused Pool

So the summer heat has bitten your ear and you decided to restore your unused pool, is that right?

Nothing would relieve you better than a refreshing swim in the pool in these harsh summers, but wait, is your pool ready to be the life of a party?

Because of its low demand in the winters, the swimming pools are usually clogged and messed up when we actually need it in the summers, which makes it a yearly ritual to restore an unused pool.

As easy as it may sound, restoring an unused pool is one hell of a job, why? Let’s discuss tips to restore an unused pool; you will get to know.

Never Drain a Pool

If your idea of cleaning and restoring an unused pool is draining the pool, throwing the junk out and rubbing the bottom of it till it bounces back the moonlight too, get ready to face the truth.

No matter what you must never drain a pool. If you have Vinyl or fiberglass pool the draining will only make the situation worst.

Draining will snap and shrink the vinyl pool. The process in fiberglass will only make the shell of the pool pop out of the ground.

It could also shift it slightly, which is quite dreadful too. The draining will only work on the gunite pools which can be drained and acid washed at any given time.

Clear the Topping

If you are a fan of swimming pool filter pump then you should clear the filth floating on the top of the water surface before running the filter itself.

It is important too because the filth will only clog the filter too if you won’t follow this instruction. You can use a hand skimmer for this task or a fine pool cleaner is another good option in this scenario.

Now, weed out the fallen branches, plastic bags, dead leaves and other stuff from the surface of the pool which you think might be stuck in the filter and could clog it.

Check for leaks and wholes

Now that you are restoring the pool, it is the best time check for any leaks in the pool. The leaks and/or cracks in the lining cannot be detected easily but unfortunately can cause a lot of trouble.

You now must keep an eye on any drastic pool level drop and any tiny holes in the pool. A crack or a hole may sound very casual but it can ruin a perfectly beautiful pool in a long run.

The tiniest hole if not taken care of early can turn into a huge sinkhole before you could even notice and could cost you a lot of paper.

Get the Water Checked

Getting water tested before starting reusing the pool is an essential tip that you must understand your pool water might have been turned into pure poison.

Having a dip into old untested can led to a lot of trouble, you could catch a dangerous skin disease or any other kind of diseases.

Best way to make sure your water is clear as a whistle is to get it checked from professionals. Any professional laboratory will be able to help you out on this.

The laboratory people would, take a sample of the water in your pool, run a few tests and will tell the exact amount of chemicals present in your water.

Vacuum the Pool

Vacuuming a pool is another great step towards restoring a swimming pool. This will clean all the mucky leaves and algae off your pool’s floor in no time.

Although it is quite a physical and time-consuming job, aftereffects of vacuuming your pool will worth all the hard work.

You can do the vacuuming in two ways; manually and through robots, both are very popular ways of cleaning a pool.

Clean the deck as well

Any pool cleaning is not done until or unless the pool deck is cleaned too. Now that your water is clear, fully sanitized and ready to dive in, you can focus on the pool deck.

Some people may neglect pool deck saying they have all the protecting chemicals added into the water. However what they don’t know is that the chemicals in water will evaporate just like the water. Deck of their pool needs special attention.

You must spray pool deck cleaner to keep the deck bacteria free.

Ending Note

Restoring a pool can be a hassle at times but when you will be floating on your hotdog shaped water chair, it all will be worth.

Also, if you have a pool and it is not in use for a long time, it must be cleaned and restored immediately, or it can spread various dangerous diseases in your house. North Shore Pool help us to clean swimming pools Perth and landscaping.

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