Tips For Choosing a Durable Display Refrigerator

Display refrigerators have become a big reason to increase the impulsive sales in supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores. These coolers are considered as one of the major elements of marketing. They are specially designed to keep the perishable food fresh and chill such as beverages, packed foods, frozen items, ice creams, salads, milk, butter, parfaits, etc. It allows customers to view and choose the size and quantity of the item they want to buy.

These types of refrigerators are made up of a steel body and have a glass window for display along with LED lights and decorative decals. They are not only useful for food marketing but also for the quality control of food items. In order to keep the food in good condition, the cooling of refrigerator must work properly and must be maintained twice or thrice in a month. One must store only the relevant quantity of items inside the refrigerator or it may lose its cooling capacity soon and may not work properly.

Types of Display Refrigerators

There are various types of refrigerators available in the market, However, there are mainly two types of display refrigerators or coolers from buyer’s perspective, i.e., food display refrigerators and beverage coolers.

1.Food Display Refrigerators: These are machines, which are typically used for preserving the food from getting spoilt. Now, these coolers or refrigerators can be large or small, closed or open. There is a defined temperature on which the refrigerator should be maintained so as to keep the perishable food fresh. They are mostly seen in supermarkets, small grocery stores, and convenience stores.

2.Beverage Coolers: Now these coolers are used only to store bottled drinks, sodas, beers and cans. The drinks are non-perishable in nature and the one purpose to refrigerate them is for the enjoyment of customers. These types of drinks are consumed chill. Here, the temperature and coolness are least important.

Ways to Choose the Best Display Refrigerator

The buyer must set criteria or look for certain requirements, which is necessary while purchasing a display refrigerator or a cooler. Since it is used for commercial purpose, one should be more vigilant towards the performance of the machine. 

  • Go for Branded Refrigerators: You must invest in trusted brands that are able to fulfill your requirements. As some brands offer quality units whereas other brands focus on the price value and compromise over the quality. Some of the brands that can be considered are Turbo Air, Delfield and True. 
  • Warranty Counts: No machines last forever, they need to be serviced, maintained and repaired on a timely basis. There are few parts of the unit, which are very expensive and time warranty matters a lot. Due to extensive usage and electricity supply, the unit may get caught up then the certified technicians come to the rescue and if required change the parts of machines as well. 
  • Choose Dimensions Correctly: There are numerous sizes and shapes available for refrigerators and freezers. You can measure the space available to keep the freezer at your place and also decide whether to have 1, 2 or more than two-door refrigerators. Additionally, consider your daily stock purchases and sales to be made daily and then decide the dimensions. 
  • Decide on Condenser Location: Condenser is the main part of the refrigerator. There are two locations where the condenser can be fit, i.e., top-mount and bottom-mount. Mostly, top-mount condensers are considered than bottom-mount because they are less prone to dust and debris and don’t pass hot air when the doors are opened.

After going through these critical points, you will be able to make a relevant buying decision and invest smartly on display refrigerator.


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