Tips and Ways for Successful Tree Stump Removal

Trees fall due to several reasons or due to some reason they are cut down. Cutting down a tree might look like a difficult task, but the tougher job is to remove the stump. A lot of effort and plan needs to go into the task of tree stump removal. You can hire professionals for the job, but it is also possible to do it yourself. It might be difficult but not impossible to remove the stump of the tree yourself. There are many options available that can be followed by anybody for the task of removal of a tree stump.

Reasons to Remove the Tree Stump 

  • Tree stumps take up the valuable space in the yard. So, if you are looking for a clear and wide yard, then you have to remove the tree stump.
  • If you are creating a good landscape in your yard, then nobody will like to see tree stumps gazing out in the middle. With time, the weeds and other plants grow up on them making it look even worse.
  • You might get hurt when you have stumps in the middle of the yard that are camouflaged by weeds and plants. So, removing them can be a safe option.

Ways to Remove A Tree Stump

  • Mechanical removal: For mechanical tree stump removal, you need to use tree stump grinder which is a circular blade to chop the stump into small chips. But you need to wear protective gears while using the equipment like eye protection, long sleeves, gloves, boots etc. You need a shovel or mattock to remove the stones and rocks around the stump first. Using a chainsaw, you must remove the major portion of the stump.  You need to rise the grinder couple inches above the stump using the hydraulic lever and lower it about 3 inches in the stump after turning it on. Keep moving side to side with the lever and move forward till 4 inches of the stump is left below the ground.
  • Chemical removal: There are many chemicals available on the market that can be used to remove the stump. First, you need to cut the stump as close to the ground as possible using a chainsaw. Drill holes into the stump with a large diameter drill bit and fill chemicals like potassium nitrate with water or weed and grass killing chemical or tough bush killers. Leave it for few weeks and then remove the rotten stump with an axe or pickaxe.
  • Manual removal: It is also possible to remove the tree stump yourself using few general tools. It can be a laborious and time taking task to do so. You can cut down the stump as much possible using the chainsaw. Then dig a trench around the stump that can allow exposing the roots using a shovel. Keep pushing, when you see the roots, cut them. You can tie a chain around the stump and pull it using a pickup truck.
  • Burn the stump: Cut the stump and drill holes on it using a drill machine. Fill the holes with fuel oil or kerosene and leave it for a week or two. Then drop a matchstick and let it burn through till it is charred.
  • Rot the stump: You can dig holes in the stump and fill them up with high nitrogen substance and pour water. You can also put fertilizers and soil and let the natural decomposition to occur.

After a tree stump removal, you have to take care of the disposal of the stump as well. Large stumps might be an issue for disposal in case your city doesn’t pick in some cases. Look for local recycling centers for this purpose. You can chip the wood by hiring a wood chipper. The stump removal companies can haul the tree stumps at a price.

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