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Think Outside The Box: Choosing The Right Home Exterior Colour

Choosing the right colours for your exterior is a tricky business. First of all, it is a costly endeavour which should be done correctly the first time around. Though you may not consider moving any time soon, still your house is your investment after all. Another reason is that the exterior of your house is visible to other people, and therefore, it might complement your neighbourhood and raise the praise or it might be an eyesore if your home stands out too much. Then again, your home should be an expression of you, but to what extent? Here are some of our tips to try when searching for your house’s rebranding.

What will remain the same?

Start off with what you already have. Take into consideration how much work you plan to get done and how much of your exterior will stay the same. If you plan to just change the colour of your exterior, what will remain the same? Your house is not a blank slate, it has a roof made out of particular materials, like tile or metal. With materials come also colours and shades, to which you can complement your new coat of paint. There are also other features such as patios, window panels, pathways etc, all of which can inspire you to choose a colour that will accent them in the right way.

When you have all of this down, think of how you can complement the colour patterns and materials you already have.

Check out your surroundings

Of course just like your house is no blank slate it is also not made in a vacuum. Check your surroundings to get some fresh ideas. Start from your own place, your yard. Is your house bathed in green or on the sidewalk? After considering your own lot, move on to the street to observe other houses. Write down your observations, such as styles, dominant colours and the like. Also a neighbourhood as a whole has to have some kind of vibe. Suburb modern tranquil or cozy wooden cottages? Try to think in that direction… If there is a similar house to your own, try to see what you like and you don’t like about it. Of course, you shouldn’t conform completely but you can find inspiration in your neighbour’s colour schemes.

Do some research

Though you might just paint your house blue because you like blue, it is always better to do some research first. Go online to find advices on how to find your colours by learning about colour schemes. Or perhaps, if you want your exterior walls to represent you, then you might consider symbolism of colours. So for example, you might choose lavender for elegance or orange for energy.

Perhaps it is high time to renew the architecture style of your home. By doing some research online, you can easily find more typical color schemes for your home. Of course if you are not exactly traditionalist, try out combining that style with another. Caution though, this sounds super creative but might backfire, so you might want to ask some professionals like ColourLife strata painting Sydney.

But though you might have an idea of a colour, you should seriously consider its shade. Firstly, the colour may not look the same on your wall. Secondly, the same colour won’t look the same on all of your walls, either because of the lack of sun on the northern wall or the tree next to your house. For that reason, first buy some paint to test on a different wall to see if it will look just like you pictured it. When you paint the whole place, it is too late to change your opinion.

Your exterior painting will be your pride and joy, just make sure you plan it all out. Though you should give your home a personal touch, still it is also vital to choose colours that complement your home, its style, materials and their colours. Your exterior should also be in harmony with your yard and neighbourhood. Spend some time on your research and you will for sure create a welcoming place to go home to each day.

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