Things You Must Remember For Having A Safe Concrete Core Drilling

One of the most common activities carried out on worksites across the world is concrete core drilling. On several projects, people who carry out this work ate highly skilled and trained who have specialization in manipulating concrete as well as masonry. The time taken for the entire core drilling process depends on the thickness of the concrete. Also, you must remember that the right concrete drilling machine should be used to highlight the process of core drilling. It doesn’t matter who are taking the control, all operators must maintain the safety margin by following certain tips and guidelines.

Choose The Best Machines For Work To Be Carried On:

  • Choose The Perfect Drill For The Work: There are two types of core drills: one is handheld models and large units that are mounted on a heavy-duty stand. If you are planning to make a hole that is not more than three inches in the diameter, a handheld unit will help to make the hold. Some of the manufacturers are nowadays hybrid drills that suit for handled work as well as stand works.
  • Select The Best Drill Motor Option: The core drill motors come in three options that is air, hydraulic and electric. Each of them has its pros as well as cons. Two most important factors will help in determining the type of motor that suits your requirements. The first factor is the kind of power source that is available at your worksite. For instance, if you are working on jobs that have a good supply of electricity, it makes sense in going for an electric bill. When supervising about safety, you should also consider the nature of the work environment.
  • Select The Perfect Stand Attachment: Concrete core drilling is occasionally done on horizontal surfaces. But sometimes, the task needs working on vertical surfaces. These situations need a varied attachment for the stand drills. When you are working on a completely flat surface or slightly inclined surface, you can go for attachment called vacuum stand. They rely on suction power that sticks firmly to the place while you are busy with drilling. No matter what type of attachment you have used, professionals often depend on some additional safety to decrease the accident risk.
  • The Perfect Drill Bit: For concrete core drills diamond-tipped bits are the industry level equipment. All the bits of this kind possess the cutting surface that is made from heat-cured mixture f various industrial diamonds and the powdered metal. Two most important factors help in determining which type of a bit will work best in drilling job. One is the aggregate material harness that is used to make the targeted surface. Then the drill operators should consider the strength of the surface. While drilling through some tough surface, most professionals choose a bit with soft bond, although it seems contradictory to you and the vice versa.
  • Always Keep The Depth Of The Hole In Mind: If you are making whole with depth up to one foot, you can easily and safely complete your task with a drill that is outfitted with a basic diamond bit. But for deep holes, you will require to add some more accessories known as barrel bits to the toolkit. When they are attached to the drill, they function as extenders and allow penetrating further into the surface. By using the extender you can easily reach the required depth while doing concrete core drilling.

Some people ask whether a concrete core drilling can go through rebar. The diamond core drilling goes through a well-o-do intricate process to facilitate drilling in major areas, especially in asphalt, stone or concrete structures.


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