There’s no Substitute for Quality Thermohydraulic Accessories

In an era of 3D printing, it seems like small parts should be simple and inexpensive to make. It might be tempting to by an off-brand for tiny pieces or switch out your order to a lighter material. Many businesses may be tricked into thinking that the smallest parts don’t matter. That’s a dangerous mindset however when it comes to thermohydraulic accessories.

When working with machinery worth thousands and even millions of dollars, saving a few dollars and cheaper costs can have drastic consequences.

The cost of a power shutdown

Steam power plants use thermohydraulic machines to channel heat to water, creating steam which power turbines, creating electricity. If a single fastener fails to do its job, this heat and steam may not be regulated and can cause the associated machine to break.  A broken tie rod can lead to loose metal pieces flailing into holding tanks. A broken valve can release too much pressure and stop wheels from moving. At the wrong point in the power generation process, a broken machine could lead to a shutdown.

And when the power goes out, the community pays the price.

A US study did the math to calculate the business loss from power outages. “Consider a car manufacturer that makes about 1,200 cars a day: The cost for each car is roughly $50,000. That means just one day offline costs the factory $60 million.” Digital industries may deal with additional damage, and food and beverage manufacturers can experience a total product loss due to spoilage from loss of power.

Whether your machinery goes down at your plant or the local power station, the risk of a shutdown isn’t worth saving a little on your industrial products.

Quality products from quality manufacturers

The easiest way to prevent a shutdown is to purchase quality products from quality manufacturers, such as thermohydraulic accessories from Zoppelletto. Find the metal rings, z-line plugs, and sleeves you need to keep your machinery running in top condition. Possessing multiple Quality System Certifications, the Zoppelletto brothers began making quality industrial accessories in 1961. Beginning with automotive parts and expanding to heating in the 1970’s, Zoppelletto now provides industrial accessories to multiple industries across Europe.

Advantages of Cold Forging

A trademark of Zoppelletto products is cold forging. A manufacturing process performed at room temperature, cold forging manipulates metal between two dies to create a specified shape by rolling, expressing, spinning, or drawing the metal into form. Advantages of this process include:

  • Perfected superficial finishes
  • Constant quality across the whole production line
  • Reduced need for finishing processes
  • Savings on both work material and work processes
  • Increased environmental sustainability of production

This cold forge process is finished in a CNC transfer machine to remove and deform and burrs. While time-tested, these cold forging techniques are constantly being researched for ways to improve this process with new materials, lubricants, and machines — staying on the cutting edge of metal manufacturing technology.

Your business is important, and that’s why the materials you put into your business matter – down to the very last bolt and screw. While instantly printed substitutes may be tempting based on initial cost and speed, the risk of an equipment failure could create catastrophic consequences. When working with thermohydraulic systems, these consequences can quickly spiral from that single source of failure, resulting in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in damage.

Rest easy knowing your equipment is running with quality parts, like cold-forged thermohydraulic accessories from Zoppelletto. Trusted in the industry since 1961, Zoppelletto has an extensive line of sleeves, connectors, rings, and plugs to keep your equipment running in optimum shape. Find the accessories you need with Zoppelletto online today.

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