The Notable Changes in Automobile Industry Over Time

The automobile sector is constantly adapting and changing to address new consumer demands and improvements in technology. Seeing early vehicles sitting beside a modern vehicle would make it appear as if these two machines have come from two entirely different worlds. And, in a sense, this is a correct assumption due to the drastic changes in the automobile industry. So what are some of the most notable changes in the automobile industry over time?

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Mass Production Of Automobiles
  • Increased Durability
  • Improved Motor Oil
  • Driverless Features
  • Improved R&D
  • State Of The Art Internal Technology

Increased Fuel Efficiency

The average fuel efficiency of a car has gone up over time. Not only does this mean we rely less on valuable natural resources, but it also means that consumers end up spending less time at the pump, and keeping more money in their wallets to spend on more enjoyable purchases. This is largely due to positive policy changes as well as an increased focus on fuels research.

Mass Production Of Automobiles

With any new technologies, vehicles were only initially available to the super rich. This was because demand far outweighed supply thus driving the price through the roof making it essentially unavailable to the common man. Now, thanks to advances in technology, cars are being mass produced far faster than ever before. As this supply has risen, the price of economy cars has fallen to give access to an ever increasing percentage of the population.

Increased Durability

With a higher output of cars comes the larger production of replacement parts. Whereas things used to have to be hand fashioned in order to replace them, replacement parts are easily accessible which can be swapped out in a matter of hours. This has raised the overall durability of the automotive sector over time. This couldn’t have come at a better time as people across the globe are putting more miles on their personal vehicles than ever before.

Improved Motor Oil

While this may seem like a strange thing to include on this list, motor oil couldn’t be more important to the well being of your car. Motor oil is what lubricates the internal parts of an engine which would scrape, grind and overheat without it. Companies like Spectra Oil Zambia are paving the way to continue on this trajectory of higher quality and longer lasting motor oil products which will help even further extend the longevity of vehicles. The more care you put towards a vehicle, the more useful life you will get out of it over its lifetime.

Driverless Features

Perhaps the most futuristic advancement on this list, many driverless features have already been integrated into modern cars. This includes things such as self parallel parking technology, which allows your car to be parallel parked hands free, as well as lane assist technology which will automatically correct a drivers path if it should ever detect that you are drifting out of your lane. While no street legal cars are truly driverless to date, this technology is not far from becoming mainstream.

driverless car

Improved R&D

Not only have fully developed cars drastically changed since the days of the Model T, but the way cars are created has changed. Very competent R&D teams at major companies have massive budgets which are used to ensure that no detail is overlooked and no stone is left unturned in search of the perfect car design and top of the line performance. R&D teams are taking in far more customer surveys than ever before which allows them to incorporate features that not only engineers see fit for maximizing efficiency, but also features that the common consumer will find beneficial to their everyday lives.

State Of The Art Internal Technology

Original automobiles were designed to be as simple as possible. Its singular purpose was in order to get someone from point A to point B. Modern cars couldn’t be more different. They include a dashboard that is able to show the driver real time diagnostics about how the car is performing. This allows drivers to be much more in tune with their vehicles and properly diagnose issues as they arise. Additionally, vehicles of today can include things like full entertainment systems which allow families to watch a film together from the comfort of their vehicle as they make a cross country road trip.

What the future of automobiles will bring is anyone’s best guess. Just a few short years ago, many of the above listed vehicle advancements would have been totally unheard of. While we can’t outright predict the future, we can be willing to embrace it, and put in the necessary work to make our transportation sector run better and more efficiently than ever before in history.

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