The Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery and How to Stay Safe

Cosmetic surgery used to be something that happened behind closed doors and wasn’t discussed. It was reserved for the rich and famous and they would put a lot of effort into concealing their surgical decisions from anyone. Nowadays, people are more open about their choices and cosmetic surgery is shedding its reputation as a taboo topic. With more and more people opting to go under the knife in pursuit of perfection, this presents a new challenge for a largely unregulated industry. How can doctors encourage patients to make better decisions and how can patients keep themselves safe?

What can doctors do?

Following the Keogh review, doctors now have much stricter regulations around cosmetic surgery. They are encouraged to give patients time and space between their initial consultation and the actual surgery. There are also new rules about responsible advertising and what is and isn’t allowed in adverts. Pressure selling, BOGOF deals and inappropriate advertising to younger people are all banned. Some cosmetic surgery groups have come under fire and been forced to pull adverts after complaints.

Some doctors are taking these regulations one step further and investing in new technology in order to help patients make better decisions. Gary Ross, a leading Manchester cosmetic surgeon has adopted 3D virtual reality technology to help his patients to make better decisions. Speaking about the new technology, Mr Ross said: “The use of 3D technology and virtual reality allows patients to be able to select implants appropriate for their frame and be able to be involved in the selection process.” Allowing patients to get involved in the process is an essential part of making cosmetic surgery safer.

What can patients do?

Patients need to take more responsibility to their actions and ensure they are fully aware of the consequences. A lot of patients forget that cosmetic surgery is still invasive, so it’s important to thoroughly research your procedure to ensure you are fully aware of the potential complications and risks. Patients also need to take responsibility to ensuring the surgeon that carries out their procedure is sufficiently qualified and experienced. Patients who choose to go with a cheaper surgeon or head overseas for their treatment need to understand that this could have negative implications for the success of their surgery and recovery.

In conclusion, although this is a lucrative industry, doctors need to act with their patient’s best interests in mind. Likewise, patients need to take responsibility for their decisions and ensure they are sufficiently informed before taking any life-changing steps.

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