The 12 “flaming” apostles of Australia


Australia truly is a wonder of nature. From magnificent rainforests to the Great Barrier Reef, to the most astounding concrete jungles you’ll ever visit, it has something to offer to everyone. Those planning on visiting this beautiful country, can’t miss one of its most famous landmarks in Victoria. You may witness the busy life of Australian metropolises and grow fond of it, but the Great Ocean Road and the 12 apostles will tug at your heart endlessly, urging you to come back.

1. What are the twelve apostles?

To say that the twelve apostles are a wonder of nature would be too vague. To specify, we’ll need to make sure you know that these grand stones aren’t just regular stones. They are twelve majestic and huge stones that rise up from the ocean to meet the sun. Without them, the Victorian coastline would have almost nothing to brag about.

Constant erosion, the Southern Ocean, and strong winds have been the artists of limestone cliffs and numerous caves along the coastline. Their millions of years of work are what we have to thank for the magnificent and ever-rising stones. They remind us how powerful nature is and that it doesn’t need us to make it beautiful. Instead, it just needs us to marvel at and appreciate its hard work.

2. Where to stay

Accommodation is very important as it will set the tone of your stay. Since your goal is to get closer to nature, you should choose a tranquil environment. That being said, also keep in mind that Victoria, and Port Campbell in particular, has a lot to offer. Ideally, your accommodation should be situated in nature but be close enough to the city so you can experience its beauty. In that spirit, you can find beautiful accommodation just two kilometres away from the centre of Port Campbell.

This Aussie town is located on the Great Ocean Road, never pulling you away from nature but also offering a glimpse into the Australian way of life. As well as the coastline, you’ll get to know the people and maybe even fall in love with the Aussie charm. Cottages are a popular choice for accommodation, thus amplifying the effect Port Campbell has.

3. What to do if you want to stay?

For many, the 12 apostles have been an inspiration. So much, that some even decided to make Australia their permanent residence. These rocks may seem like just rocks when you first notice them, but they have a way of inspiring extraordinary feelings in people. Untamed nature, clean oceans, and a high standard of living makes people think that this is a great place for them.

Even more so, it seems like a great place for their children to grow up in. Of course, if you’re considering moving to Australia, you’ll need the paperwork. Moving isn’t as simple when it’s a whole other country we’re talking about. For the right paperwork and further details, make sure to contact trusted professionals such as Withstand lawyers. There’s no one who can tell you better and truer info than a lawyer.

4. What to see and do

The 12 apostles are a wonder you have to witness only in the right way. If you’re already here, you can’t do just the conventional things that people always recommend. Instead, be a little adventurous. The best way to see the 12 apostles is in a helicopter. That being said, you should definitely book a chopper ride. The rest of the coastline shouldn’t be neglected either.

Instead, you should take your time and explore the Great Ocean Road. One of the best ways to do this is to join the hike known as the Great Ocean Walk. This hike will allow you to witness the dramatic coastline and see the 12 apostles up close near the end. You can also take the time to walk the coastline yourself and devote some attention to each attraction you see on the way. Don’t be afraid to get out on the water, either, and experience the ocean first-hand.


The 12 flaming apostles of Australia are a unique opportunity to get to know nature on a more intimate level. No other place in the world will offer such a scenic view or wake up your sense of adventure this way. Thanks to the 12 apostles, you’ll start seeing the world differently. As well as that, you might even see Australia as a place you can call home. After all, the 12 apostles are only the beginning.


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