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Stylish Solsta Sofa Bed As Furniture For Overnight

Having friends or family visiting our house is always exciting. But, when you have problem where they should sleep if they sleepover, this Solsta sofa bed can be the solution. Living in small apartment or house can often make us confused about what we should do when family or friends come. Therefore, practical furniture such as this sofa bed is invented. The design is just as stylish as the common sofa. Right now, IKEA provide it with the complete guide for Solsta sofa bed assembly instruction.
Besides the practicality, this sofa is also the furniture that is easy to clean and easy to maintain. It is constructed with materials that have long durability. The sofa look is updated and the colors are in various choices. Solsta sofa bed is an alternative for affordable furniture. Modern living room interior with bright color can apply this sofa for watching television or just place to relax.
The fiberboard of this sofa is moisture resistant. You don’t need to worry when the temperature in the room change. Polyester wadding is also employed as the materials with the fiberboard back frame. The armrest frame is also made from fiberboard with foams. This Solsta sofa bed has a hundred percent cotton for the total composition consisting of the materials that support your comfort.
Looking at the care instruction of this Solsta sofa bed, this sofa seems very easy to maintain. You should never wash it and even should not do the dry clean. When it has light stain on it, it should be removed with clothes cleaner. Sponge is the media that is good for cleaning the Solsta sofa bed cover. Bleach and iron are not allowed to use in keeping this sofa clean. Throw some cushions or throw pillows on it to make it look more decorative.

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