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Stunning Wood Floor Lamp for Any Interior Design Style

Are you currently looking for new floor lamp? Or do you search for interesting room interior design that features the presence of floor lamp? If you are and you do, then you have come to the right place at the right time. What about considering cool wood floor lamp as your choice? There are many wood floor lamp plans and inspirations you can steal to provide both function and decorative element in your home by introducing the beauty of natural wooden texture.

In this modern minimalist living room, you can see how the Scandinavian inspired style can help emphasizing the simplicity without being plainly boring. Despite the ultra-minimalist interior style, this all-white living room surely knows how to take advantage from the nature of white as neutral color. The result, as you can see, is how this room thus can allow the tripod wood floor lamp to steal the spotlight instantly. Paired with simple white drum lampshade, this living room proves that simplicity is the new sophistication.

Everyone loves architect lamp. If they don’t, this desk lamp with cool vintage retro feel will not even gain popularity even in modern interior and decorating design. Hmm, what about the larger version of timelessly awesome architect lamp made from… wood? Looking at this gorgeous living room, you can see how the wood floor lamp makes the idea possible! Brilliantly combining the use of pendant lamp and wooden floor lamp leg, the result is simply creative and astonishing. Imagine how the dark wood floor lamp in this style can give a significant result.

Even if you prefer the totally simple wood floor lamp, it is still possible to have. Take a look at this warm and cozy open living room, the thick wood lamp leg here surely can make a statement without being to excessive in details. Flanking the snuggly sofa beautifully, you can also see how this living room knows the way to deal with a narrow space.

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Kate Sanders

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