Stonescaping for Beginners: 5 Beautiful Alternatives to a Grass Lawn

Maintaining that perfect green lawn can be a constant struggle. It means hours of watering, trimming, and mowing, and hundreds of dollars on fertilizer and seed or sod. Especially in hot, dry climates, there just isn’t enough moisture for a green lawn year-round. To save some headaches and still have a handsome property, more people are turning to stonescaping. Here are some ideas to start with.

Terraced Steps

If you’re property isn’t flat, think about breaking it up into different levels. Trim some of those gradients flat vertically and add retaining walls to keep them from washing away. Provide low, wide stone steps and flagstone walkways from one terrace to the next to make moving around safe and easy. You can come up with different patterns to make things interesting as well as elegant.

Gravel and Pebbles

A simpler, cheaper alternative might be to widen your walkways or even create distinct spaces and fill them with gravel or larger pebbles. You could mark out geometric patterns or just wide arcs of gravel to provide firm footing and interesting textures. Mixing gravel with larger pebbles is also an option. You can get pebbles in many types of colors or distinct varieties of stone for a unique look.

Designer Walls

Another elegant idea is to section off different areas with low stone walls. Your greenery could be limited to aesthetically placed shrubs, potted plants, or even small flowerbeds or herb gardens. Statuary, patios, and fountains could add more decoration. You might consider stylistic choices like a maze, or materials and designs for certain motifs, like Mexican adobe with an interesting cactus here and there.

Whole-House Patio

Where many old-style homes in warm climates would be built with surrounding porches all along the exterior, you could do the same with patios. Every exit in the home could lead to a sunny patio decorated anyway you choose. Depending on the size of your property and how much patio you need, it’s just a matter of pouring out concrete slabs on each side of the home. Sealed, non-porous concrete can be painted with any color scheme you like for visual appeal with a durable, easily-cleaned surface. For more information about the viability of your house for this type of patio, contact a company like P & L Concrete Products Inc.

Luxurious Retreats

The idea of a grotto might appeal to you. Section off a large area with stone walls or wood lattice fencing, and lay down some concrete or flagstones along with benches and a decorative fountain, garden, or fish pond. You can build as much privacy as you want. Other alternatives might be a paved surface under a party pavilion, or serving as a basketball or tennis court. Anything your family might prefer can become a fun or relaxing oasis.

Instead of thinking grass, unleash your imagination for incorporating stonescaping. You’ll be able to achieve unique, practical results that last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

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