Steps to Maintaining Office Chairs and The Benefit of Ergonomic Chair

Office chairs are important office furniture for the employees to sit on it for a long time and work in front of the PC. An office cannot do without office chairs and so you need to know the types of it. Using the chair for 8 hours a day can cause overall wearing. If you find that your chairs are worn out, you should repair it or purchase new ones. But, with good maintenance and regular cleaning, you can prolong the durability of the office chairs.  Office chair maintenance requires more than simple wiping. As the office furniture has a great impact on our health and productivity, it is important to take care of the office chairs.

It is rightly remarked that prevention is better than cure and so while purchasing office chairs utmost care should be taken. Make sure the chair you purchase for office use is durable and meant to last. It is true that one can get attractive discounts on an office chair in a bargain store but the components will also be of low quality. This sort of chair will not give you years of service. After a year or two, you will need to buy another chair. So it makes a lot of sense to spend more money on the chair which lasts for 10-15 years.

The Various Kinds Of Office Chairs

Among varied types of office chairs, the most popular one is the ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair is available in different sizes, materials and shapes. 1, 2, 3 lever chairs may be availed in a variety of configurations. These chairs are almost the same, but they tilt and shift quite differently to accommodate the user. An ergonomic chair adjusts to the body contour and offers back support. For maximum comfort, you can settle for the 3-lever chair. It may be raised to the required height and can be tilted as well. Ergonomic chair utilizes different levers to fine tune position of the chair with that of the person’s body. You may adjust the seat for the best support. People involved in typing work, must use the ergonomic chair to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Comfortable yet firm ergonomic chair is good for the back, the spine and the posture.

Look for the manufacturer’s warranty

Each and every office chair comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. If a chair does not come with the warranty, you must avoid buying it. You can go through the manufacturer’s warranty to find if the chair is worth your purchase or not. It may be that the entire chair is covered by warranty or only certain parts of it. Some of the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty or 10 years of warranty.

Clean the chair on a regular basis

Be proactive when it comes to cleaning the office chairs. Since stains and spills are quite common, you must clean the chair quite regularly. If the chair is an upholstered one, you must buy a proper cleaning solution from the market. A good quality upholstery cleaner will keep your chair new for years to come. You must not use home-made fabric cleaner. It is better to buy fabric-friendly upholstery and furniture cleaner. If there are more possibilities of spills and stains, go for the leather material or vinyl. Use little detergent in lukewarm water and clean the chairs. It is also important to inspect the furniture every 3-4 months. If you find loose bolts and screws, you must repair it immediately.

You can find out the weight rating of the office chair and use it accordingly. The cost of the chair must also be considered. It all depends on the comfort level and the material of the chair.


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