Small Luxurious Bathroom – Yes, You Too Can Own One!

So, you have entered into a new home which has cutting-edge appliances, fantastically organized rooms, great terrace, but somehow the bathroom seems to be rather small in comparison to your wishes. Don’t be discouraged at all! There are a lot of deluxe ideas that you can implement into your new bijou bathroom without putting much effort into doing it.

Alter the tiles

You must have known that there is a vast choice of contemporary tiles from you to choose from. Ranging in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, so for your petite bathroom you can place small patterned tiles up to the ceiling and be assured that it would create a wider feel. Another way to make your bathroom larger would be to put wider tiles but in flashy colors such as red, blue or green.

Place Funky Wallpapers

They don’t necessarily have to be a main thing in the living room or bedroom, you can have a great outlook of your bathroom if you insert some genuine and offbeat wallpaper in it. Consider placing contrasting pictures from the tiles but still pay attention that they blend with the general look. If you have earthy toned tiles, then a luxurious way to top up the bathroom would be to do add a decorative wallpaper with tiger or zebra patterns. Also, you won’t have to be worried whether the steamy air or water would ruin your masterpiece because you can find high-quality coating or varnish that you put on the top and it would keep it protected.

Modify the accessories

Believe it or not, placing some posh new accessories would do magic to lengthen your small bathroom. Why not replace some traditional taps and place more modern ones? You can choose from a variety of materials and colors, from coral, rose gold and marble fittings to carbon faucets and many more. Also, a great alteration which would pimp up your bathroom is to insert some heated clothes racks or a towel bar holder that would easily fit into your miniature bathroom and make up for the lack of storage.

Through the looking glass

As “Alice in Wonderland” did, you can also enter into your own posh bathroom by lavishing it with glass shower doors or mirrors. Many people reckon that placing a glass door on your shower or bath would open up space, and since that is something that you strive- then give it a go! Another great idea is to mirror an entire wall because in that way you would have a false feeling of its tiny size, plus it would provide additional lightning due to reflection.

Size down the bath

Even though your bathroom may seem too petite, but actually that is something that doesn’t bother you much, however, what you really desire is the chance to feel comfortable and to move around nicely. That can be achieved by inserting a smaller-scaled bath or shower, or if you are feeling more artistic you can have a designer fit your tub from one side to the other. In that way, you could easily roam around and still have a lush ambient since you can insert it under a window or a contemporary picture.

Play with colors

If you have already boosted up your bathroom with costly but extravagant elements, then you should consider enlarging it by paintwork. Juice up the outlook of your little bathroom by painting it into some bold and dramatic colors. Give your bathroom that unique and luxurious touch by splashing black and white combination or cherry red and green. Whatever you choose, don’t be frightened to play with the color combination of the tiles as well, you can place some orange mosaic tiles on one side, and a light peach paint on the other.

Decorate your little paradise

Finally, you can add your own creative touch by placing some greenery or ornaments. It would be a splendid thing to add some plants or create a vertical garden wall. What is more, you can place some flowers in fancy, glittery vase or put crafty toothbrush holder and you would definitely make your bijou Eden more exquisite.

All the above-mentioned ideas would most certainly make your small bathroom more compact and deluxe without that claustrophobic feeling. So, spend as much money as you can to get your own private serenity out of the small space.


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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