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Sleek and Classy Laminates for Compact Exteriors

Residential and commercial properties are constructed using concrete and wooden materials, and the exterior walls are normally painted for aesthetic improvement. Wall cladding is a modern alternative for covering up the outside of buildings with panels. Different types of panel materials are used in the external wall cladding. The primary purpose of cladding is to provide a protective cover to the exterior walls, and through this cladding, you can build a sturdy exterior wall for your home improvement. These exterior wall claddings can also prevent moisture, harmful chemical effects and they cannot get affected by natural disasters.

  • The outstanding quality of the external wall cladding systems has increased their value in the real estate market. The popularity of cladding is also traced to material diversity, design flexibility, and protective functionality.
  • Different types of materials are used to design the panels, and the designers can also develop an ideal paneling system on the existing structures. The walls can be decorated and fitted with attractive panels in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Even you can also apply different kinds of textures on these walls by using some acrylic coatings and painting solutions. But before starting your painting, you must do the proper cladding on the walls.

Architectural Facades

Architects, civil engineers, and building contractors have all endorsed the external wall cladding system. The architects and engineers are impressed and inspired by the material quality and adaptive features of the panels. Any sort of construction errors can also be modified during cladding, and the patterns and finishes have a stunning effect on the facade. The ideal cladding solutions are freshly devised by the professionals or they are chosen from existing designs after making the necessary adjustments to suit a specific project’s requirements.

The important features of outdoor wall cladding

Wall cladding is not simply an architectural or construction requirement for protecting the house or office buildings. Interior decorators are fascinated by the prospect of styling the exteriors of a house for beautification, pleasure, and protection. A wide range of cladding decor options entices the designers, and they craft a unique look through external wall cladding. The important features of outdoor styles and designs include the following–

  • Pre-primed and horizontal joints that can be easily installed in standard, wide, or splayed profiles. The house will have a timeless and classic look, and the cladding maintains integrity by resisting shrinkage, swelling, warping or cracking of paint.
  • Contemporary design with modern panels made of lightweight cement extends heavy duty performance by resisting termites, fire, and rotting. The trendy look includes geometric patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes, square and rectangular panels, along with dark and light-colored paints. The finishing is always flat and smooth, and fashionable design options also include the digital prints and brad nailing to minimize visual interruption.
  • Lightweight system for residential properties includes ideal solutions such as full wrap or composite designs and a decorative, monolithic look. According to design experts, Blue board systems, special design accents, thick acrylic coated textures, variable colours, etc., are more suitable for double storied buildings.
  • outdoor wall cladding

What are the benefits of cladding?

The panel materials that are used in external wall cladding systems are made of wood, brick, stone, rubber, silicone, and metals like zinc, stainless steel, copper and bronze. Other panel alternatives include fiberglass, rock wool, vinyl, PVC and plastic.

  • The panels protect the outside of buildings as they are durable, waterproof, and termite resistant.
  • The different panel materials extend affordable choices and installation is also very quick and efficient.
  • The decorative look and designer appeal can be enhanced by fashionable panels that have texture, color, and diverse profiles.

External wall cladding is an excellent alternative to tiles, and the property owners can choose an ideal system based on costs, material flexibility, and decor needs.

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