Six Ways To Keep Mental Fog At Bay

Each of us has probably been in a state where mental acuteness is out the window. Our brain works with zero productivity and it’s difficult to concentrate. We seem to be enveloped in a fog that does not allow us to successfully carry out the usual tasks. This mental state can become endlessly frustrating and can left us feeling helpless. So what can we do to never face this condition called Mental Fog again? Read on to find out some simple and effective ways that can keep mental fog at bay.

  1. Improve Your Eating Habits

Our brain uses glucose as its main “fuel”. Unfortunately for our cravings, this doesn’t mean that we should always be munching on sweets. On the contrary, the most efficient way to clear your mind is with a balanced and healthy diet. The best foods for reducing mental fog include fresh vegetables, fruits, walnuts, and foods rich in protein and fiber, and fresh fish. Sugar is actually a huge contributing factor to mental fog and can cause it for hours, even days. If you can’t imagine your life without sweets, try to substitute refined sugar with honey and dried fruit like raisins and currants.

  1. Movement is Life

We all know that exercise is  necessary in order to keep your body toned and in good shape. Lucky for our brains, it turns out that regular physical activity also helps to keep our minds in tip-top condition. When working out, the blood flow supplies not only our muscles but also the brain, which immediately improves its overall performance. Exercises of all types are beneficial, but yoga and pilates are especially good for improving blood circulation and brain health.

  1. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

We all know that our brains age the same as our bodies. Years of of inadequate lifestyle and stresses only accelerate this process. With age, the walls of blood vessels can get covered with atherosclerotic plaques, which prevent the normal blood flow to the brain. This leads to changes in intellect, memory, activity and orientation. Regular check-ups allow spotting harmful changes at the early stages and effectively defeat them. Your doctor may prescribe medications to combat clogged vessels or drugs that improve brain activity in case of cerebral vascular diseases. Research has also shown that bad vision negatively affects the work of the brain, which can also be among the reasons that cause mental fog. Supplements for vision, well-chosen glasses or lenses, exercises for eyes, or even vision correction can serve as a push for restoring brain functionality.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

To keep the brain’s productivity high, you need to sleep well and long enough. Sleep produces a special hormone called melatonin which promotes rest and prevents premature aging. It’s also considered to be one of the strongest natural antioxidants and immunomodulators due to its capability of combating free radicals which are harmful substances that destroy tissues, cells and genes and cause serious ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Do Mental Exercises

Even the most talented and capable brain can very quickly becomes dull if it’s idle. To prevent cognitive decline, try to always think up some new activities and make your brain work. You can start learning foreign languages, cooking, or drawing – there are lots of options. Additionally, different kinds of brain-teasers, puzzles, crossword, sudoku and verbal games can serve as mental exercises. It’s proven that even in some cases of mental illnesses these activities can help restore damaged cognitive abilities. Only 15 minutes per day spent on such exercises will protect your brain from degradation.

  1. Reduce Stress

Many specialists in mental health recommend developing positive thinking and an optimistic outlook on life. Constant stress and anxiety are able to destabilize brain chemistry, and comfortable working and living environments promote an increase in the brain’s performance. Unfortunately, such conditions are very rare, which is why you need to program yourself to see positive aspects in things that surround you. Even failures can become impulses for development and learning life lessons, which contribute in our experience and wisdom. In addition, it may have a positive effect on your life results.

Use these simple tips to prevent your brain from becoming overwhelmed and disengaged. With just a few small changes in your routine and lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to be able to keep mental fog at bay. By maintaining your brain’s health, you will see positive shifts in cognitive processes and memory and will adequately perceive yourself, others, and the wonderful world around you.

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