Sharing Your Love with Flowers – Dos and Don’ts


Gifts are a wonderful way to show someone you care about them, and it’s not uncommon that they make both the gifter and the giftee equally happy. While occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries call for well thought-through presents, it’s a bonus if they come with flowers. That’s one of the easiest ways to colour your life! But maybe it’s even better to gift flowers on those days when it’s no one’s birthday or important date in the calendar – to make their day, and yours as well. We’ll guide you through the etiquette of giving flowers here in Australia, be it stopping by to express your feelings with a flower, or sending them to someone living far away.


Do: Opt for Fresh Flowers


People who have never gifted flowers before will find themselves in front of the dilemma: fresh flowers or artificial flower bunch. You may think that artificial flowers are an obvious choice because they’re made to last, but they are definitely on the kitsch side, and your feelings for the person whose day you want to make are supposedly more genuine than that! Fresh flowers can brighten anyone’s mood and even positively affect their health – more on that later – so this should never be a dilemma.


Don’t: Go for the Easy Solution


Sending or giving flowers doesn’t sound like nuclear physics – at least not initially. But if you google the meaning of different flowers, for example, you might be overwhelmed with how many things you can say (or not say!) with different flowers. What about the fragrances? Maybe your loved one or the parent or friend you want to surprise has preferences and allergies. Just picking up a bouquet of plastic flowers is an easy solution. But that’s the catch: you love and/or admire the person you want to give flowers as a gift to, so don’t go for a present that shows a lack of thought. Plastic flowers are available all year round, and the person receiving them will know that. Show your love by investing time and thought in the choice; they will know you have done that, and it makes the flowers all more valuable.


Do: Ask the Florists for Advice

People selling flowers are not just random people off the street who needed a job in sales. They have the necessary knowledge and passion for flowers. They’re there to teach you, too, if you’d like. If you feel like Alice in Wonderland upon stepping into a flower shop, don’t be afraid to ask them for their advice and opinion on the gift you’d like to surprise someone with. They will also know how to make the best bouquet and which flowers compliment each other well. If you’re in doubt about flowers, flower shop workers are indeed your best friends!


Don’t: Let Them Think Your Relationship Is Fake


If you don’t know much about flower giving and the customs around it – which is why you’re here – you might not know that some people have very strong feelings towards artificial bouquets. We’re talking about both women and men who feel that an artificial bouquet can suggest a fake relationship, be it a romantic one, parent-child, or between colleagues or friends. This is most likely not what you want to come across as, so make an effort and pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers instead!


Do: Help Them Increase Their Productivity


Many aren’t aware of the fact that fresh flowers can increase work productivity. But having fresh flowers on the desk can charge your batteries very quickly, and provide an energy and enthusiasm boost. Truth be told, offices are rarely fun and colourful; a bouquet can make all the difference! If your loved one works in a Melbourne-based office, you can opt for a flower delivery in Melbourne that will brighten their day with a beautiful bouquet for days to come.


Don’t: Say You Don’t Have Time


We get it: the sole intention of giving flowers is a simple and quick way to show that you care. But stay true to your intention with the gift itself! An artificial bouquet doesn’t only signal your relationship is fake: as it’s generally cheaper than a bouquet of fresh flowers, it may also convince the person getting it that your feelings are cheap as well. Like we mentioned earlier, don’t just go for what suits you better because you don’t have the time to visit a flower shop and find about the appropriate flowers and their combos, then wait patiently until the bouquet is arranged and ready to go. Investing time is literally investing in your relationship, and we gather that you want that! Spend just a few more minutes, no matter how much rushed you are, and your gift will be much more meaningful and appreciated.


Do: Care for Their Health


This may sound weird, but research has shown that flowers can benefit your health. Their lovely fragrance, in combination with vivid colours, can improve the quality of life, reduce anxiety and stress and even help combat depression. On the other hand, artificial flowers collect dust. Not so fancy! So invest in your friend or colleague’s mental health by gifting a beautiful bouquet that will make them smile every time they look at it!


Do: Benefit Yourself, Also


A flower bouquet will make you happy as well, not just the person receiving it. Giving is a great way to feel well in general, but giving flowers doesn’t break the bank, and it’s a quick way to do something nice for others. Besides, unlike jewellery and other gifts, flowers provide a unique connection between people. A simple red rose, anyone? But it’s not just the case with red roses and lovers. Try it and see for yourself!


Giving fresh flowers will definitely cheer you up, and not to mention the person getting them! Flowers create positive feelings and spread happy emotions. They can lift the mood significantly – think about flowers in a hospital room! They really do make everyone involved happy. What other reason do you need for entering a flower shop on the way home?


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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