SEO Marketing 6 Things To Be Wary When Choosing SEO Firms

August 1, 2017

You know very well that online business with website won’t survive the competition if it is not well optimized. That is why businessmen need the help of firms specializing in optimizing the website so it can be tracked by the search engine easily. However, not all firms specialized in SEO marketing are safe to trust. There are the deceiving ones too. So, let us tell you 6 things to be wary of them here.

Pre-Packaged Solutions that Bring New Issues

If you find some firms offering either pre-packaged or bundled solutions, you’ve got to think twice about them. Why not? Even though such solution was used, it is no more suitable solution in this age. At worst, it brings with it new issues that can affect us. They include unqualified leads, temporary results, and even getting our website backlisted as well. So, before working together with certain firm, be sure it offers suitable solutions for you.

Self Guarantee of Promising First Page Rankings

Be careful to SEO companies that claim themselves to be capable of promising you first-page rankings. Such ranking is not something you can easily be promised like that. There is technical audit that must be done on your website. Even without the help of the company, you can actually do it on your own. Companies that promise such ranking above are not to be trusted. They are usually scam after all. So, make sure you don’t fall to such promise.

Self Claim of Knowing Details of the Algorithm

People can easily make words of lie, saying that they know the details of SEO algorithm or that they know someone from Google to extract information from. There is no such person for the employees at Google are not let to know the exact details of the algorithm. If you are going to work with certain firm, you’ve got to ask for case studies, check their previous cases, and such to make sure their experience and reliability in the field of SEO marketing.

Getting Asked for Payment for Different Services

We know clearly that people are aiming for getting first-page rankings. However, what if you find out that you are being made to pay them for their services of advertising in which they claim to affect the organic rankings while they are actually not. This is what you have to make clear beforehand with the SEO firms you are going to work with. If the firms only cause confusion on your part, it is better to walk away from firms like this.

Many Technical Aspects You Need to Focus On

You have to be careful if the firms you are going to work with offer too much technical aspects in their services. They might as well say that fixing them will benefit you in getting quick rankings and traffic. The trusted firms will outline the issues instead. They will then make plan for technical and strategic reasons. That is why SEO services with too much focus like that are pretty suspicious to begin with. Look for other firms, just to be safe.

Promise of Unbelievably Rapid Results to Get

Don’t be so tempted to get rapid results. Everything needs process and it mostly takes time before the real results can be noticed. We can’t also hasten things if we want to get long-term ones. That is why if you find some firms offering you results within several hours only, it would just be too good to be true. Time and effort are needed here. So, look for other firms that are not this unrealistic. Who knows you might find better choice out there?


By now, you should have been able to understand what things you need to be wary of when choosing firms that can help you in SEO marketing. We need their help but we can’t be too careless to make our choice either. Some can be trusted, but many are not. If you want to end up with the best choice of all, we suggest you to keep things 6 things above in mind as you choose among the firms. They should be of help for your needs.

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