Search Engine Marketing Strategies: A Guide To The Concept

If you possess a good business website, but not getting enough visitors, this would probably require some remedy.

And in this digital world, the best of remedies you could get for your website is an effective promotion for it. Earlier, a business was advertised on devices such as radios and televisions, or through printed hoardings.

But now, you have internet.

You could directly use the web to promote your business and this would help you increase your web traffic naturally.

One of the best methods to improve your web rankings is known as Search Engine Marketing. Have you ever heard of the method before? Let us inform you:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a form of promotion where you increase the visibility of a website on the ‘Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)’.

For instance, when you search something on a search engine, you get hoards of results on various pages. Who decides the place of occurrence of a particular website on a particular page? It’s the concerned search engine that does so.

Thus, this is a method to promote your website by increasing its visibility, when it appears above its competitors for a particular keyword.

Search Engine Marketing is a collective term which includes various other kinds of marketing techniques such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Let us know about these prevalent techniques in detail:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is the unpaid form of improving the rank of a page of some website by targeting the desired keywords. The traffic that you earn in this is known as ‘earned’, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ web traffic.

SEO too is one of the forms of Internet Marketing strategies which is reliant on the working procedure of search engines and the algorithms which search engine dictate.

These algorithms aim to offer the best user experience to the searchers and hence the search engines rank the websites on the basis of its content and quality. SEO is broadly subdivided into two categories:

  • On-page SEO: In this, we optimize elements present on the website to get it better rankings. It includes optimizing both the content and the HTML source code.
  • Off-page SEO: This indicates the actions taken away from the website, but which pose a direct impact on the rankings of the website. For instance, we do article postings etc.

Most of the people do know about the website SEO, but commit some mistakes which are undesirable. Get to know about these common SEO mistakes which you need to avoid so that your marketing strategy could be a fruitful affair.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA):

Search Engine Advertising is a paid form of marketing which is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and gets instant web traffic on your website. You need to choose the desired keywords and book an ad for it with the search engines.

These ads could be in the form of text or images, depending on what you intend. When a visitor searches with the help of a chosen keyword, your ad would appear on the top few places on the SERPs, making the searcher click on them first.

SEA is used to increase the traffic on a website and improve its brand value. It is generally a temporary marketing campaign to let your audience know about your brand and visit your website, if they feel interested in your products and/or services.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Besides SEO and PPC, one of the most popular methods to advertise your business is the SMO. You could use some of the most popular social media and social networking platforms such as RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and hoards of others.

This is a form of advertising which could be done with and without expenses. For instance, you could create your business page and promote it for free, but when you need it to reach a greater number of people, you could run ads.

For instance, people nowadays run Facebook ads to promote their website as Facebook is considered the next digital marketing giant.

Similarly, you could post ads on some microblogging site such as ‘Twitter’ etc. which too offer fruitful results for a website.

These are some of the best strategies used currently to promote a particular website using search engines.

So for your website, make sure to use these techniques if it is short of an adequate amount of web traffic. It definitely pays and offers a good return on your investment.

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