How to Save Money on Gifts this Holiday Season

You know that the holiday season has practically begun when our towns and cities don their decorations and lights. However, all the Xmas bling is a dire reminder that we are about to part from hundreds of dollars spent on Christmas gifts. However, there are certain methods to avoid overspending this and the following holiday seasons but at the same time making it appear that we are generous more than ever. Here is a short guide on how to save money on gifts this holiday season because who says you can’t have a Christmas on a budget!

A wearable gift

perfume gift

In terms of categories, there are really two major ones: gifts that you need and gifts that you wear. The latter category is wider than you might think, as wearable gifts aren’t just clothes but perfumes and headphones as well. If you see a friend constantly getting entangled in their earphone, then you can get a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones.

If you are shopping for a lady, then makeup and jewelry count as wearable presents as well. Furthermore, you can find a purse or a letter bag that is constantly on some of a discount. For men, a wristwatch is an ideal Christmas present that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Alternatively, you can go with a pair of cool-looking sunglasses.

A gift people need

If your Christmas present is something the person you’re giving it to really needs, then try to be creative. A first aid kit for their car might be something they need and are required by law to have but it won’t put a smile on their face. Instead of buying kitchen cloths with reindeer on them, why not go for a set of kitchen knives. The latter will last them longer and you get a good deal for the knives if you shop around a bit.

In general, think of the activities your friend, family, and colleague enjoy doing and shop accordingly. For a person who goes on frequent camping trips, a warm sleeping bag is an ideal present. Likewise, an aspiring artist will be thrilled with a new canvas. If you’re shopping for a kid who likes to draw (hopefully, not on the walls of the house), them a set of collaring pencils or crayons will put a smile on their face.

Shopping for kids

kid in front of a Christmas tree

If you are specifically shopping for Christmas gifts for kids this season, then there is a word of advice we can give you. Namely, children are told that Santa will bring them a present only if they were good the entire year. However, you should listen to the child’s needs because it is highly likely they have been reiterating their demand for that one toy they want.

Unlike adults, children don’t like Christmas surprises at all costs since there is only one gift that will make them happy. This makes populating the shopping list somewhat easier but you have to start looking for that toy as soon as possible because other kids likely want one as well.

A readable gift

Apart from toys, kids love to be read to. They also like to draw so a coloring book is a good choice for a present. In fact, if the person you are buying a present for is a voracious reader, then a book is not a bad choice. Bookstores also organize holiday sales so you’ll be able to buy two books and get one for free, totaling to three presents in a single purchase. Keep in mind that graphic novels and comic books also fall under the category or readable gifts.

Putting quality over quantity

One of the best ways to save money shopping for Xmas gifts is to go for quality, not quantity. If you see two remote control toy cars your kid might like, buy them only one but the more quality one. After all, retailers wouldn’t lower the price of a high-end item before Christmas because they want to get rid of the poor quality stuff first. Essentially, buying several presents, regardless of how cheap they might seem at first is always more expensive than buying a single, well-made one.

If you buy several cheaper presents, they probably won’t last until next year so you’ll have to shop for them all over again. Trust us, a mug or toy car that is top-notch quality is always a good shopping choice because the person you give them to will be thankful for a long time.

As you have seen from our examples, there are methods that will help you save money on Christmas presents and get the ideal gift for your loved ones. The trick is, at least when it comes to kids, to see what they really wish for and buy then exactly that! As far as adults are concerned, then a gift they can wear, read or a present they truly need are all suitable gifting options. 


Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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