Santa Barbara County Wines

At the edge of a vast continent, the United States of America, along the California central coast, you will find the county seat of California‒— Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara County is home of many historical and tourist destinations. It is the home of the Queen of Missions an iconic landmark in the city, the La Huerta Historical Garden, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse which is one of the architectural jewels of the state, the Lotusland which is one of the most beautiful garden around the globe, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and many more.

But besides these majestic, worthwhile destinations, the county seat of California also offers wine that is in demand around the globe. Many notable appellations in the state provide every type of wine there is, every wine hinting a unique but pleasant taste to the palate.

The terrains of Santa Barbara are perfect for cultivating grapes. The soil is abundant with mineral content like limestone, red robust clay, and porous enough to act like a natural drainage for water distribution, the climate is also perfect as the humid temperature slightly alter the taste in each variety diverging from the classical taste of wines. So read on and discover the Santa Barbara County Wines.

Tensley Syrah Santa Barbara County

The rich taste of black plum and berries with a hint of earthiness and spice is a perfect mixture of a wine made from a variety of Syrah that is cultivated in the Canyon Clone and Clover Creek in the city. All vines of the Tensley Syrah Santa Barbara County were reportedly planted before the 2000s and their winery practices organic farming. Before reaching the market, every drop of wine is aged in French oak barrels for ten long months to allow every component to blend in and to achieve the perfect, wild taste.

The Feminist Party 2017 G-S-M Santa Barbara County

A blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre is a wine that offers that addicting aroma of black plum, wild berries, and purple flowers. It is an immediate delight in the palate, giving that black raspberry flavor and crack pepper. Their winery always includes wild blends of different varieties of wine grapes that never fails to capture of what perfection is. The Feminist Party line brings their motto to life, which is “A wine for everyone, anytime.”

Ann Albert 2017 Martian Ranch Gamay Noir Santa Barbara County

As you open the bottle, the scent of cranberries, tart red plum, and lanolin immediately fill the room. It is light and sophisticated, and this wine garnered 93 points in the aggravated critic score. The Ann Albert is still a young winery founded in the early 2000s by Eric Johnson who studied wine and viticulture. Eric Johnson is yet to surprise us with more of his winemaking skills, here in his line Ann Albert Wines.

Paradise Spring 2017 K III Red Santa Barbara County

This wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre or what we know as GSM. Black plum and wild mint fragrance in the nose while it delivers a plum-structured taste. It garnered a score of 92 points in the aggravated critic score. This young winery is full of potential found in the early 2010s. The founder, Kirk Wiles saw endless possibilities in the southern region of California and this gave way to the expansion of different types of wines produced in the winery, first perfecting a blend of Pinot Noir and then to the GSM blends which we now have as GSM KIII or the Paradise Spring 2017 K III Red from Santa Barbara County.

Vie Winery 2014 Les Amours Syrah Santa Barbara County

With red fruits, wildflower and tobacco aroma that goes with a taste of black plum, bay leaf and purple flower flavors that is smooth in texture, this drink garnered a score of 90 points in the aggravated critic score. The winery was founded by a group of friends headed by Bryan Kane, all of them passionate about wine. All were dreaming of producing a high-quality wine on the terrains of Santa Barbara County while incorporating traditional winemaking techniques to provide top-notch quality.

Whitcraft 2017 Shokrian Vineyard Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County

A staggering 95 points in the aggravated critic score, this wine is a must try, must drink, must love. A bottle can immediately fill the room with its rich and pleasant aroma. It is a blend fragrance of wild raspberries, peppercorns, and Japanese Sansho pepper and in the palate a unique taste of pomegranate and raspberry. This winery strictly implements organic farming, minimizing the use of acid components. In producing their wines, no electricity is used to make sure that the most natural outcome is provided in the process.

The Pairing 2016 Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County

Aged in French oak for 11 months, this wine is a scent of rosemary and blackberries and sweet red fruits in the palate. It is reported as a seductive wine. The pairing 2016 Pinot Noir earned 93 points in an aggravated critic score and has been an editor’s choice in countless wine newsletters and such.


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