Right Procedures To Be Followed For Effective Tree Stump Removal

The large trees usually around the residential area make the surrounding environment clean. However, often the old trees die and wither off, for being diseased by harmful germs or simply due to too old age. Moreover, many trees are uprooted by the occasional hurricanes or tornadoes causing severe havoc. Though these dead trees are cut off and removed from the site, the tree stumps remain there as reminders of the once huge trees. However, the tree stump removal is essential for cleaning off the ground, to plant new trees or may be used for some other purposes.

Steps to take for ensuring neat tree stump removal

  • It is better to hire a professional agency for the absolute removal of the tree stumps, to make sure that the ground is free without causing any harm to the roots of the surrounding trees. It is more cost effective to hire a professional for the removal of multiple stumps from a place.
  • The upper part of the stump above the ground is cut off with a large chainsaw, to make it almost at the same level as the ground.
  • Next, numbers of holes are dug around the stump, which should be at least 1- 4 inch in diameters while joining each other at acute angles. These holes may be up to 12 inches deep, as per the depth of the stump and its roots.
  • Then large amounts of potassium nitrate or any other nitrogen-rich chemical are deposited into these holes and water is poured over this chemical in abundance, till the holes are totally filled.
  • The stumps are left in this condition for a few weeks, so that the woods of the stumps become soft and spongy, due to the reaction with the given chemical and water. Thus, now the tree stump removal becomes an easy job for the professionals.
  • Finally, the softened stump can be easily uprooted simply with an axe and further cut down into small chips for disposal or may be left out for decomposing on the ground, to enrich the soil with more nitrogen and carbon.
  • Some professionals may alternatively pour kerosene, diesel, or any highly combustible fluid into the holes around the stump. The stump is left in this condition for about a week, to make the wood completely soaked with that fluid. Then the stump is put into fire, burn it down completely into ashes. These ashes are buried in these holes to enrich the soil for better plantation in future.

Tree Stump Removal

However, the property owners need to check the credibility of the professionals before hiring them, by finding out about their proper training and experience in this field, as well as their license from valid authorities for doing the job. They should contain all the necessary tools, like the drilling machine for making the holes, chainsaw for initial cutting of the stump, a spade of suitable size, and an axe or stump remover.

Moreover, they should have proper safety measures, like safety glasses and gloves to protect themselves from any injury. The property owner should keep the children and pets far from this place, while the removal procedure continues for several weeks.

The procedures of tree stump removal are both easy and essential, for which these professionals are in high demand, mainly in semi-urban and rural areas, where every house contain large number of trees. When the place is freed from the stumps, it can be used for beautifying the garden with more attracting and useful plants. The free space can also be used as a playground for the kids or an outdoor recreational area for the residents of the house.


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