Positive Thinking: 7 Ways to Start Feeling Happy About How You Look

The harsh truth is that we’re used to criticising ourselves. This has even become second nature for many of us. Both you and I will look in the mirror and think “who is this person and what has happened to them?” We’ve been trained by the media and the public only to notice our shortfalls and things we don’t really like about ourselves. The comforting fact is that almost everyone is wired in this way – on the other hand though, not only is it not reassuring, but it’s pretty depressive. However, we can do something about it as long as we’re aware of the problem. As they say, it’s all in mind, so use your mind to change it!


1.    Your Mind, Your Hard Work


Good feelings bring more good feelings, and the same goes for the bad ones. If you’re unhappy with something in your life, such as your relationships or job or not reaching your goals, it will be easier to put yourself down over physical appearance. It might not be that easy to confront a mean boss, but it’s easy to get frustrated over your big nose. This sounds ridiculous, but pay attention to the times when you’re mean to yourself because of how you look. If you do, you might notice that it is indeed true. Try to find the root cause of your frustration, and then work hard to do something about it. When you do, it will be easier to be kind to yourself, because good feelings lead to other good feelings!


2.    Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


This is an endless game where you’re bound to lose. If you compare yourself to others, you’ll always end up feeling miserable. Maybe you’re better than this person in this field, but what about that other person? And that’s how it will always go. If you find yourself engaging in a comparison game, stop immediately. Remind yourself of your own value and what you’ve achieved so far. When you think of it outside of the box called “but everyone else did this and that”, it will bring a smile to your face instantly.

3.    Feel Gratitude


We take many things for granted. If you could step back and see how truly blessed you are, you could change your whole mindset. You are the unique person you are, and there’s no one exactly the same. This goes both for your physical appearance and your character. Try to appreciate it every time you get flooded with negative thoughts. Accept your nose even though you don’t like it; love it, it’s your nose that keeps you alive. Feel grateful for it.


4.    Don’t Be Afraid of Change


Sometimes it just gets too much, and you may love yourself as a whole, but have issues with a small part of yourself that makes you miserable. And looking deep within yourself and figuring that you indeed will benefit from actually changing that part, instead of accepting it, is worth accepting itself. Reconstructive surgery, when done properly, can bring a deep sense of relief to some people and be that missing piece of the puzzle of their lives. If you feel that’s you, there’s no shame in contacting the right surgeon to let him or her help you.


5.    Engage in Self-Care


Self-care means different things for different people, but the idea is that you do things that will bring you a sense of calm and ground you for when times are tough. For some, it’s being disciplined with work and exercise. Others find peace in journaling, or checking up with friends regularly, or talking to a therapist. When you find that routine that helps you, stick to it. Taking care of yourself means that you will be less inclined to think badly about yourself.


6.    Be Healthy


It’s simple. When you eat right, when you hydrate often and work out regularly, you will feel better, both inside and outside. Be mindful about what you do with your body, because it’s our only vessel in this world, and we want it to last a long time. A healthy body means a body that is refreshed, less stressed, strong, capable, and beautiful. And when you know your body can do amazing things, you will love it more for how it looks as well.


7.    Stand Tall


This is a foolproof way to feel better about your looks in an instant. Stand tall, shoulders back, lift your chin a little. This attitude will make you feel more powerful, and others will also see it. Remember this piece of advice for when you feel small and insecure because nothing else will work in a second, not even putting on your makeup.


Our looks are not everything we are – but are a significant part. Sometimes it takes work to get to the point of loving and accepting the way we look, but once you’re there, you’ll enjoy every minute of it.



Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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