Patio Planning: 4 Exterior Design Tips You’ll Love

Instead of sitting inside your house all day, especially when the weather is warm, spend some time sitting on your patio. Before designing your patio, you need to have a plan in place for the materials that you want to use, the size of the space and the details that you want to include. A basic patio design is often the easiest to complete as it allows you to change the furniture, colors and smaller details throughout the year.

Circulate the Air

The air will usually flow naturally while you’re on your patio. However, if you want to keep a constant airflow on the patio, consider installing a ceiling fan. A fan is an ideal addition to your patio if you plan to enclose the space because air won’t be able to flow as easily if there are screens or glass installed. Add a light to the ceiling fan so that you can enjoy your patio at night and during the day.

Color Effects

When you’re enjoying time on your patio, you probably won’t want to see green leaves on the trees or wooden banisters all the time. Use cushions in bright colors that contrast with the furniture on your patio to create a lively entertainment space. You could also plant colorful flowers in pots that are the same color as your furniture. Try to tie everything together with one base color, changing the details that you add when the seasons change as well.

Leading the Way

There are various ways that you can add a patio to your home. The easiest way is to build it so that it’s attached to a back door. If you create a walkway to your patio, you can use pavers as a pathway to get to the steps of the patio. Another option is to pour a paved pathway so that you aren’t walking on the grass to get to the patio. Install a few solar lights along the edges of the pathway for walking at night. You can work with a supplier like the Stone & Tile Centre to compare a few different options.


While you’re outside, you don’t want the neighbors to see everything that you do with your family or your friends. Create a privacy fence using a trellis. The trellis will offer space for hanging plants as well as plants that tend to overwhelm the yard if they are planted in the ground. Your trellis should have minimal space between the slats to keep as many people from looking at your patio as possible.

A patio is an idea to consider for your home if you want a space to relax or if you want a space to entertain. Use the landscape as a way to create where the patio is built and the size of the patio. As you begin designing and decorating, think about colors and details that blend with the exterior of the home so that everything flows together.

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