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No Budget, No problem: 7 Low-cost Home Staging Hacks

Real estate market has drastically changed when the Millennials started buying homes with their defined expectations and technology became an all present eye which can detect even the tiniest flaw. This put a lot of pressure on the homeowners when they had to list their real estate since the buyers expected to see staged and practically habitable spaces. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional stager and moving out can leave marks on the place which can ruin the presentation and cost owner the sale. But don’t turn to despair so soon. These 7 low-cost home staging hacks will keep you at the top of your game in no time.

  • Refresh the Color

The least you can do is paint the walls and completely change the face of your home. Professional stagers advise the use of brighter and neutral colors, devoid of gender or age features. But you can create some additional appeal by using stickers or wallpapers in various patterns, and not on the walls.

If you have some furniture in the kitchen like cabinets and drawers, you can help them shine again by gluing wallpapers instead of repainting them. This is not only cheaper but will also save you time in the terms of days.

  • Add Cosiness

Creating a charming and welcoming environment can only draw attention to your property and not the other way around. The buyers like to see that the place has such welcoming and inviting reputation. Install hangers in the kitchen just beneath the cabinets and place the cups there. If you have an open shelf, use it to store plates and linens.

Artificial flowers can give the colorful and lively ambience to your rooms, and a few decorative pillows on the sofa will add elegance and texture. Place clean towels and some candles in the bathroom to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.  

  • Decorate

A home without decorations will look too impersonal and although your buyers have their own ideas what to do with your house, they still expect some aesthetic details. So, visit some yard sales and find cheap but interesting pieces which will add classiness.

Avoid using paintings unless you find a really nice piece of art which will not still the attention from the room and incite discussion. Nicely designed lamp or simple carpet will add character to your living room, but still, leave enough space for buyers’ imagination and projecting of their own desires.

  • Freshen up Space

After removing your belongings and repainting of the place, you have to make sure that when the buyers come in to have a look, that they are not chased away by the bad smells or vapors from all the staging. The easiest way to take care of this is by using the air fresheners, but they come in various odors and some people don’t like them. Instead, buy some planted flowers or plants let them overwhelm the room with their natural smell. Plant herbs in the kitchen and fresh basil, thyme and rosemary will remind your potential buyers of family dinners and Sunday mornings.  

  • Exterior Presentation

Before coming in, the potential buyers will have to be won over by the exterior of your house. Keep the lawn neat and decluttered, and use Oztech awnings to create a relaxing and shaded seating area in your backyard. 

Paint the front doors, window frames and fences to remove the used and old look from them. If you have a garden, tend to the plants and even add some new ones to create vibrant scenery.  

  • Accentuate Certain Rooms

You can’t decorate every room completely since it would be expensive and time-consuming. Since staging is all about simulating real life, choose the important and key points of your home and make sure that they leave a good impression on your potential buyers.

When it comes to bedrooms, try to leave at least one with the bed and linens on it, some adjoin furniture like night table and an ottoman. You can accentuate only some aspects of certain rooms, like stove area in the kitchen with the cutting board and utensils for food preparation.   

  • Highlight the Functionality

If some rooms look small for the intended purpose, leave the furniture so your potential buyers could see for themselves that space is more than adequate. Bring in the light and brighten up the place and make sure that the furniture pieces are not too close to each other to clutter the place. Remove all personal items like frames photos, shoes and clothes so the potential buyers can project their own functionality perceptions on the place.

The home you listed for sale is not the same place you lived in until that day. Now it’s a stage for the show what it can become to someone else, with all the virtues and abilities it once served you. Therefore, using some low-cost tricks to present it in the good light is not only good for you but also beneficial for your soon-to-be-ex home.  


Cate Palmer

Cate is a designer by day and a writer by night. Her fields of expertise could be summed up to interior design, architecture, and art related topics. Her interests are, on the other hand, wide and ever-evolving. These days Cate is quite passionate about design trends that will take over, sustainable furniture and dark chocolate.

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