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Must know fashion trends for 2017

2016 has been a year of retro with 90s chokers, flared jeans from the 70s, statement jackets from 60s. If you are one of those people who thought that New Year will be putting an end to the old takes then you need to think again. It is because in fact year 2016 is going to live in 2017 with nod in the 80s direction. It would be very right to conclude that each season will be coming up with its own trends; therefore it is always good to know in prior that what you will be coming across each season to complement the trends over the next months of the New Year. Apart from all this, let us have a look at the trends one after the other briefly.

  • If you have enjoyed the Fall 2016 at its full with platform shoe trend then you need to be blissful because there are a number of designers like Prada, Miu Miu, Proenza, and Chole amusing the customers with sandals with same eminent treatment. Not only this, tons of other footwear brands are there making it easier to access a pair of sandals at a reasonable price range. Continue reading to shop for the season’s best platform, showcasing from disco fever rainbow styled sandals to the modern striped looks to the suede pieces and vibrant leather sandals for the spring 2017.
  • With big sleeves, mutton sleeves, and bishop sleeves you will be enjoying a perfect and definite hint of the 80s. You will be finding and seeing them everywhere. It includes everything from the evening outfit to casual wear with sleeves well paired with ruffles and ornate details will be popular as well.
  • Tiny accessories used on purses, and jackets have been a real hit during the year 2016. But fact is that they appear to stay here for a longer while. Therefore, do not think of putting all such little accessories at the back of cupboard because they will be used this year as well.
  • Shades of pink as well as other pastel colors will be in real demand this year. It would be true to say that pastels are perfect for the spring season but however they are likely to be hanging around later this year in the form of blush colored shorts and skirts.
  • It has been predicted by several fashion stylists that khaki is going to be the top ranked color to wear in year 2017. It is predicted to be in for everything from accessories to the coats. It seems that khaki will be the new black and white of the 2017.
  • Ruffles are another throwback from 80s. You may expect to find ruffled edged on collars, sleeves as well as on the hems of the skirts and the trousers. Though not as much extreme as they were back 1980s but still they are expected to make a comeback in 2017.
  • Necklines will be everywhere in year 2017. From shirts to dresses, you will find them in the next 12 months and necklines will get higher and higher.
  • The spring as well as summer season of 2017 appears to be the season of dresses in bohemian style, hence expect to come across lots of tiered layers. They will be with plenty of bared shoulder silhouettes, embroidered details and a lot of tiered layers.
  • Velvet yet again is believed to be big in year 2017. It does not matter if it is on coats, jackets, footwear or etc, velvet will be everywhere and it cannot be ignored.

All these above mentioned are the latest fashion style statements for the year 2017. All you need to do is to prepare yourself in advance so that you will not be odd one out. Keep yourself updated about what is trendy and in fashion and how things will give you trendy and stylish look. Do some homework and be like one of the fashion divas around you.

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