Must-Have Leather Jackets of 2018

Who does not want to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Unfortunately, the worst thing about keeping up with trends is that they keep on changing rapidly. Just after you invest half of your paycheck in building up a trendy wardrobe, you realize you do not need most of it anymore because the trends have changed.

The dilemma persists every season. However, there are few fashion items which are evergreen and make you look chic and classy. One of such items is the leather jacket. They suit in almost every season and occasion, and despite the hefty price tag, they are one of the best fashion investments.

Leather jackets have been around for a long time but are a vintage fashion garment. The leather itself is an expensive material, and therefore most leather jackets will cost you an arm and a leg. That said, they will surely go a long way, and you will not have to worry about letting them go after a short season.

Over the years many fashion labels and designers have designed leather jackets. Today it is one of those pieces of clothing that is available in different styles to suit every taste and body type with varying price tags to suit every pocket.

If you are hunting for a trendy jacket for yourself this season, here are some of the best leather jackets for women this year that you should not overlook.

LL Women’s Hooded Faux Leather Jacket

Many buyers are reluctant to buy leather jackets solely for the reason that they are exorbitantly priced. Fortunately, these faux leather jackets offer an excellent pocket-friendly solution if you wish to look on point without having to sell your kidneys.

They are priced between $17 and $59. Faux leather is not genuine pure leather; therefore, the faux leather jackets are priced cheaper. However, it can give out the same look and feel like real leather.

The slim fit jacket is fully lined with exposed zipper. If you already have enough of black jackets in your wardrobe and if you wish to experiment with colors, this jacket is your best bet since it is available in 24 different colors.

Forever 21 Black Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Black leather jackets can be found in abundance all over the racks. However, we are talking class and trendiness here and choosing a perfect black leather jacket is an art in its own right.

Forever 21 is a reputed brand known for its chic and super trendy clothes. At $34.80 this one is a real steal, and you should grab it without thinking twice. The jacket has a notched collar, signature epaulets on the shoulders, and a front zipper. An adjustable belt adds further oomph to the product.

H&M Faux Leather Biker Jacket

H&M is yet another fashion house which is a favorite when it comes to trend radar. When in doubt, you can undoubtedly go for an H&M piece. The cropped black biker jacket beats all its counterparts in style and trendiness.

Priced at almost 60 bucks the jacket has a sleek cut with a diagonal zip at the front and a quilted design. The jacket has zipped pockets on each of the two sides. The zip at the cuff adds just the right bling which also makes it a fantastic add-on for formal wear.

Zara Leather Jacket

When it comes to experimenting with fashion trends and if your pocket allows you to splurge, grab this crimson red leather jacket by Zara. It falls in the more high priced category so you might not want it to wear it on the subway daily, but if you are looking something for casual or formal evening outings, this will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

It is a classic biker jacket made out of genuine sheep leather justifying its hefty price tag. The leather jacket is soft and comfortable making it very easy to maintain.

It will make a fantastic statement piece if worn with a contrasting solid colored outfit.

Stradivarius Leather Biker Jacket

Another high priced piece on the fashion radar is this biker jacket by Stradivarius, a Spanish brand owned by the same company that owns Zara. It is a classic biker jacket with an adjustable belt that ensures structured fitting.

This jacket stands out from other counterparts on the list for the feminity in its design and color scheme. If you are women who find black leather jackets too out of your comfort zone, this pale pink jacket is just the perfect piece for you.

The sleek design, structured silhouette and feminine color scheme all combine to bring out a classic leather statement winter wear that is trendy yet delicate at the same time.

Schott Brother Perfecto Lambskin Leather Jacket

This one is the most heavily priced jacket on the list, but if your pocket allows leaping, you will not regret a single penny spent on this beauty. Priced at a hefty $650, this is a genuine lambskin jacket by Schott Brothers.

The leather is a high-quality one, easy to maintain and very soft to wear. The design is nothing over the top, but the essential elements of a biker jacket are there with full front zip and a plain full sleeve.

It is one of the chicest pieces available on the racks and is an investment for years to come which makes it worth every penny. You can wear this beautiful leather jacket as casual evening wear, as well as, a formal outfit.


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